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Really good sauces!


Whilst doing a bit of time in Belize, there was a local sauce that was prolific when eating in the cookhouse, you could have it with Breakfast, Dinner or Evening Meal, it quite literally was Lush (a bit spicy but balanced).

I mentioned to my missus this legendary (that I cannot remember the name of?) sauce and she has found an alternative that even though it is not what we had, it is exceptional!!

Google:- Hot Mamas Sauces (or if you are a bit of a Perv just “Hot mamas”). The BBQ sauce is REALLY!! Good
While some obscure, generally unobtainable sauce might be 'lush', there are only three staples in life, which can bring joy to (almost) any squalid bit of bait-layer's 'cuisine'; Tabasco, Worcestershire and HP.



/ thread
I think I might have Alzhiemers! Again, I think?

Hey, look at the positive side; you can make new friends every day.
I have a vague recollection of getting very drunk on my birthday in a bar in San Pedro drinking shots of Appletons 151 and Mrs Sharps.

BTW it’s easy to make your own.



A veritable emporium awaits!
Cheers my good man, it sometimes amazes me how helpful this Forum is! It is a Giver not a Taker, unlike most Forums.

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