Really confused :( need answers or advice

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Billym92, Mar 4, 2011.

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  1. hey my names billy im 19 "originally" born in the US but have lived in the UK since i was very young (been in the UK for over 14 years). My mother is scottish and my dad is american. im having trouble getting hold of a british passport due to legal documents (american birth certificate) as i havent needed one up untill now is it possible to join the british army with out a passport? i have been reading on the internet for weeks to try and find anything about it but all i can find is threads/posts about the gurkurs or the fiji's :(

    please this is really starting to bug me...
  2. ...... Gurkha!
  3. Is this you?


    You'd be better off visiting your town's local recruiting office and asking them these questions than to trust to the responses you'd get from the knackered old soldiers here on ARRSE if you want the truth. I'm guessing though that you might have some difficulty in enlisting in the Army without proof of citizenship. The U.S. is not exactly part of the Commonwealth anymore and it is my understanding that you either have to be a UK. citizen (either native or naturalized) or a citizen of a Commonwealth country to get in. The recruiting sergeant would know for sure and would be able to advise you in your particular situation.

    Good luck to you.
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  4. Knackered old soldiers? Basted! :)
  5. you need to be a british or commonwealth citizen.

    so you can't join with an american passport, no matter how much british blood you have or how long you lived in the UK.
  6. Cant you just go and get UK nationality through your mother. Seems to me that you are British as you have lived and been educated here. Go to your local citizens advice bureau and they will point you in the right direction.

  7. lol guess its the long road for me :(

    many thanks for the advice,billym
  8. You are now entitled to apply for British citizen ship as been resident over here long enough, once successful you have a British passport so wont be any issues as long as you meet all the other requirements...........without a British passport or Commonwealth passport(would have to meet overseas requirements) then your not allowd to start the process.
  9. I'm including myself in this phrase. ;-) Now if you'll excuse me, it's time for the Early Bird Special down at the chop house. :drool: :razz:

  10. If your Mum is Scottish (British) You can claim British Citizenship if you wish. Which would make you british, You would need to take a Citizenship test and you get a wee certificate to say you did the test which then makes you British.
  11. contact your local CAB ad they can advise you about citizenship .It could take between 6-9 months to actually obtain the passport ,as you have to pass the test first ,then you have to have a ceremony for the citizenship ,then you will have to book an appointment, to apply for a passport ,and when finally get your passport you will see how long it took all this process.Dont think it will take few weeks. good luck
  12. This doesn't constitute any kind of legal advice, but just to be encouraging and add to the above: I was born in Europe and definitely NOT a Commonwealth country. I have a birth certificate from that country but also one from the base on which my parents were living (Dad in the forces) and have had no citizenship problems related to joining whatsoever. Good luck!
  13. It be around a Year to process everything!
  14. I thought so , anyway good luck to you !