Really Bone Topic

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by thesilentmajority, Apr 13, 2008.

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  1. Adjt has asked me whether or not a soldier can wear ear rings outside of normal working hours.

    Anyone know the offical answer and the reference ?

    Checked QR's and AGAI's but nothing about way from the workplace.

    Cheers in advance
  2. I think you answered your own question. If a Tom is wearing earings OFF DUTY so what?
  3. Bone topic, bone question.
    To the arrsehole!
  4. Then just move on.......someone might know the answer, if so all good and well, if not well its one base covered.
  5. Are you special?
    Its off duty, therefore, do what you want.
    As long as its not to an official function, common sense will prevail.
    If you want to prance around pretending to be pat butcher with dangly earrings at the weekend, that is your business.

    I really do wonder sometimes.
  6. Official function..isnt off duty!!

    OK so you dont know the official answer..l can assume that. There is rule about not shaving when off duty, its in Div Routine keep on wondering!
  7. I didnt say an official function was off duty.
    As you have checked up on the regulations already and there is no official word, Therefore I think you have answered your own question, just as the first poster to respond pointed out to you.
    as I said common sense will prevail.
    Off Duty, do what you like (without affecting the values and standards blah blah)

    On duty, keep to within the regulations, quite simple I would have thought.
    Perhaps more information would be of benefit.
    Does Soldier James want to become soldier Jane on Saturday night?
    Does young soldier want to wear a stud in his ear when visiting the NAAFI?
  8. The fashion of men wearing ear rings came up sometime around 1985 in 1 R HAMPS.

    The RSM said no to all, but the CO was more flexible about it. He stated two categories of personnel could wear them:

    1. Gypsies. Any solder who was a gypsy could wear an ear ring off duty. As we had none this was not a problem.

    2. Pirates. Any soldier who claimed to be a pirate would also be allowed to wear one off duty. However, CO also clearly stated that such soldiers would be handed over to the RN for hanging from the nearest yard arm.

    Mind you in those days if one of the lads was seen wearing an ear ring down town he was normally given severe sh1t from everyone else for dressing up like a poof. Of course these days things are different.
  9. Its off duty. The days of us controlling every aspect of a Soldiers life for better or worse, are gone.

    He can wear what he wants, as long as he is off duty.

    Incidentally, If it is an official function - is it a three line whip published on orders? Is he paying any money to attend?

    3 Line whip - Fine - Its Official and Official standards can be enforced.

    If he's paying to attend? It is his money and therefore his choice to attend. Accordingly he can choose what he wants to wear.

  10. Dream on!
  11. Out of interest, what does it say?
  12. Nope. Not dream on. You just have to have the courage of your convictions. You CANNOT be FORCED to attend a function you have to PAY for.

    Not the thread topic though.

    Soldiers, off duty, Can wear what the hell they want
  13. Is it just me or does it appear that soldiers on duty seem to be wearing whatever the hell they want as well these days.
  14. Answer is simple - most Adjts are ********* so why not just tell him/her to look it up him/herself and not waste your valuable time with such bone questions?

    Whilst we are on the subject though, can I wear sandles with black ankle socks when off duty?
  15. Had a situation in Deepcut not too long back where my mate (we'll call him Bob) went down town for a pint. He had ear rings in both ears (not my bag but each to his own). We walked into the guard room to book out, to be greeted by a smarmy tw*t behind the desk telling Bob to take his earrings out. Bob said no, the guard bod got rather loud and shirty, taking Bob's name rank and number and reported it to the training staff of the course we were on. It was mentioned in front of everyone the next day, rather casually, and left at that.

    Nothing came of it in the end, which led me to believe that the vindictive b*stards had trawled through all manner of regs and standing orders to try and pin him with something.