Really Bad Timing

Really don't know what to do so any adice would be great, basicly i have ADSC on the 7th January, sent off confirmation slip, got tickets everything is set, but one big problem. I injured my shoulder while bench pressing (proper felt something go) a couple of weeks ago so thought id rest it for a few weeks and just focus on cardio. Then the first day of snow came and I injured it sliding down hills with my mates (mature i know lol) but been to a physio and he says ive torn my rotator cuff. Apparently 4 - 6 weeks recovery time so i wont be able to make the 7th, need to change the date to a later time, but the careers office is closed! cant get hold of anyone, what should i do?

This is why your told to take it easy and dont do anything stupid once you have your date.
If you cant make your date be prepared to be put back about six months or so!
Your screwed mate..

If you took it easy passed selection on 7th jan you could have a nice spring date to start phase1, but now youll probably have to till summer to do selection then another four/five month wait, unlucky mate feel for you
Ah no your joking!, they didnt tell me to take it easy, but i guess i shoulda. How come the next available time to do selection is in the summer? do they only do them that often?
Just wait until the office reopens and tell them.
it will obviously delay your selection date but nothing afterwards.
You will need to prove you have overcome your injury prior to getting another selection date which is why it could be a wait. They may even want you to do a pre selection course to prove you havent become a fat waste while you were injured.

Good luck either way.

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