really bad cramp.

This might be a really bone question but is there anyway of preventing cramp and i dont just mean stretching off properly and plenty of salt because i do both.

recently ive been getting severe cramp not just in my legs but alll over its startin to get on my tits. driving from leeds to birmingham today we've had to stop the car plenty of times so i can limp up and down the road lookin like a cnut to get rid of it.

any ideas?
Thought i had cramp in my left leg went to the docs because i couldn shake it. After the doc asked me loads of questions, next thing i was in peterboro hospital getting my leg scanned and diagnosed with a blood clot!!

now injecting my self with Tinzaparin 4 times a night - not nice, stomach looks like a heroin addict! and now taking warfarin

And all because i thought it was cramp i couldnt get rid of.

may be something worth asking the doc about
12volts said:
Ask your doctor/MO for a potassium level test. Cramp is very indicative of low potassium. Eat bananas in the mean time.
...particularly because most people's diet is loaded with salt, and it's the balance between the two that's important. Raisins are a cheap source of pottasium. Calcium is also important in controlling muscle contractions - milk or natural yoghurt.

Having said all of that, if I point my toes hard I can pretty much cause cramp on demand - individual susceptibility.

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