Really any need?

Just back from the AFCO where a young corporal (navy or RAF) just gave me abuse because i asked for an information DVD.
I explained that i have a visit to the local unit and would like some more information.

They had a quick look and i said, to not cause anymore hassle, "its ok im not that bothered about the DVD"

The corporal then gave more unnecessary remarks. Saying sarcasticly "your gonna go far"

Is there any need for this?

Rant over
Just cheek mainly, but come on, i was trying to be nice by forgeting about the DVD.

Im just angry, but it might scare off other potential recruits.

Sorry for the rant but its really annoying
#5 cant go around offering hugs to strangers...!!

You will come across cnuts in your career mogzieno. like mongoose said he was probably just pissed off at being plonked behind a desk. Thing is if you starting kicking up a shit storm then it will only look bad on you mate, thats the sad truth!
Which AFCO?

Mogzieno, you have posted this in the TA forum, was it info on a TA unit you asked for?

What time of the day was this?

Sub0 -- Army Recruiters should be our best and if this is true, the JNCO should be reported.
Shop him - attitudes like that should not be tolerated.
Absolutely disgusting treatment mate. The AFCO is the Forces "Shop Window" so to speak. I would most definately report it and in the end I reckon all will go your way.

In my day (Navy) the Recruiting Office was a cherished posting for somebody serving who was from the Home Town.

The Arse Holes at your AFCO need to be moved on. Perhaps they should be visited by "Service Mystery Shoppers" to assess their individual attitudes and a report made ?

Best of Luck for the future

Sailor Sam
Yeh it was information on the TA, unfortunatley all the army recruiters were out.

CC_TA, Thanks for the offer i'll just find out stuff tomorrow night.

Can an admin please delete this thread? Thanks

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