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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fattwat, Nov 16, 2012.

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  1. No doubt most of yers has switch on to 'I'm a celebrity, get me out of here' on the off chance that bird from corrie lets one , or both of her mams fall out. Anyway while quickly throwing one to todays shots of her in a bikini I had the great idea that as long as she's in it they should rename it ' I'm a celebrity, do me up the wrong un!'
    In the interests of bone threads what celeb would to like to see in their own reality programs such as

    'Eric Bristow' ... " I used to play darts a lot, twat me with a cricket "
  2. The whole lot, including viewers of these programs should be put on an atoll in the Pacific and then left to guess when the sun will shine over them, turning them all to radioactive dust.
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  3. yeah!, but that aside she could still get done up the wrong up on live tv , that would atleast make it interesting, nearly as interesting as ' We're Ant and Dec, put us in a mine field'
  4. Nope, still not interested. Plenty available on YouPorn or Xhamster, they really should stop making this shite and start making decent stuff. Shock horror maybe the BBC could get some sport back on the telly, or make decent drama and some light entertainment stuff.

    Reality TV is cheap to make, dumbed down dross
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  5. ah! but yes but no but yes. you won't be seeing the afore mentioned bird getting pumped up the poop chute on youporn on myporn or anybody'selsesporn
  6. I've been scanning yuvutu and other well known sites in the event I find someone I know - only in the interest of research, of course.

    Now that might be worth a bone thread just to share the love.
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  7. A thread titled, people you know in porn flicks?
  8. Any and all reality tv "stars" should be locked in a large luxuriously appointed house, fitted with numerous cameras to record every detail of their stay. Then at a predetermined time, this cuddly fellow and several of his friends should be introduced into the house.


    I propose we call this new show "Big Fuck Off Dog".
  9. "The Running Man".

    Book, film... TV show.

  10. I think the RSPCA would step in pretty sharpish as inflicting cruel and unusual behavior, no matter how big the dog, by coming into close contact with any z listers is well out of order.