Reality TV now features strippers!


War Hero
Noticed that Britain's Got Talent is back on tonight, and after George Sampson's success last year it apparently has an influx of 'dancers'.

I bring you...the best strip act since St Jade of Bermondsey.

I apologise for all those hoping to eat today...


War Hero
Christ man, if she starts swinging those tassles, she's going to take out half a town! 8O


War Hero
Did anyone watch it? Simon Cowell's face was a picture...of disbelieve, shock, horror, then pure perviness...and apparently 'they' are through to the next round. Wonder what the royals will have to say about it?!


War Hero
Aye, there's nothing like a big burly dancer spinnin her dugs tae grab yer attention but Phillip has got a sore hand already so a wee bit of abstainance might be in order.
That photo of the splits reminds me of 2 kit bags on the deck and 1 propped up
I would, in fact I possibly already have, I am always strangely drawn to big girls................

Nurse, more tissues please


Its a well known fact the fatties try harder, so I've heard. from a friend. Honest.

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