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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bobling, May 15, 2006.

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  1. Could I get some advice here please?

    The situation is I am going away travelling at the end of the year (absolutely nothing to do with the cricket :lol:), I have done my phase one (inf) but am yet to complete my phase two.

    So I was monging out on Sat p.m. when I got a call from a friend of a friend who is a reg (officer), also ex TA.

    he said: "Leave now, else you're going to get pinged for Telic 9 and that'll f**k up your plans"

    I said "Whoah but I haven't finished my phase two thought I couldn't be deployed until I have done so, and everything I have heard through my unit has been that one volunteers for a tour, and you don't get pinged out of the blue"

    Him: "You never know and as you have done phase one you are a trained soldier, just not trade trained."

    Sorry I know this is similar to the mobilisation topic but:

    1: Can you get pinged out of the blue for Telic?
    2: Even if you have only done basic (inf) training?

    Or is my regular friend just a bit barking?

  2. Are you green, amber or red?
  3. Your friend is correct.

    It hasn't been practised much since Telic 1, however, once you are a trained soldier, you are useful.

    Lack of trade training means that you can be put anywhere.

    Don't be too worried about this though. One of my detachment, fresh out of his CMSR, came back from Telic 1 with a QCB.

    Stand By.

    Enjoy the adventure.
  4. We have a traffic light system???

    If you are TA, you will know that such a thing is complete bo llox. We respond to a request as and when.

    Some units have gone lock-stock, some just needed specific qualifications or ranks.

    But the majority, regardless of capbadge, are currently in the inf role.

    Which is the basic soldier's first qualification.
  5. E_A_N_D: I am mostly pasty white..but I suspect this is not what you mean, can you elaborate?
  6. BTW Bobling....

    You will still be going travelling at the end of the year....but at least you will get paid for it. Dig out your travel insurance now and check that you can get your money back.

    If you don't have any yet, make sure you do, now, and that it has the right clauses to get at least the majority of your money back. will save shed-loads while you are deployed........ :wink:
  7. Green: Deploy me i love the seaside, minus the sea.

    Amber: I might be up for a trip, but may have to square things with work etc.

    Red: No thanks I burn easily.

    Must just be some units that use that internally, I know 7 SCOTS and 40 (Ulster) Sigs do.
  8. You can not be mobilised as not only are you not FFR (Fit for Role), but you are not FFM (Fit for Mobilisation).

    In order to be FFM you must have completed Ph 1 & 2 plus completed your MATTS/WHIPs.

    Any Unit looking to mobilise you after only Ph 1 needs to have a look at there practices.

    No disrespect but I would not take a soldier on Operations that has done less than 30 days (complete) in the TA.
  9. He's right.

    Still, never say never. Put in a leave of absence request now or, better yet, enrol on a tertiary education course over the period you want to be away, then cancel it at the last minute. Either way, buy travel insurance, but don’t leave.
  10. You would not, but the Army will, after all "you will get all the training you need on Optag" (all 7 days of it) :wink:
  11. Now Bobling mentioned that he/she was not trade trained, however, might unknowingly be at phase 2 level....Phase 1 = Pre-CMSR training, Phase 2 = CMSR trained. After Phase 2, a soldier cannot be MOD 1 trained in their particular trade, but may do other things such as driver conversions, tests etc. Phase three then gives them a booster of general military training. On completion, they can move on to trade qualification courses.

    What stage are you at Bobling??

    Also (forgive my ignorance) but MATT/WIP came into force on Apr 1st, which means that Bobling will still be efficiency certified from last bounty year. Additionally, failure to pass MATTs still allows unit commanders discretion as to whether to deploy a soldier or not. I would presume that the RTMC will also teach and test MATTs as it isx a direct replacement for ITD(A).

    I haven't read it all, but it is on open access on the internet....
  12. Not sure what stage I am at in your language Maccy. I have done what my unit calls phase one (six weekends), but not phase two (CIC). Never heard of CMSR...
  13. There were cases where soldiers being call up after phase 1 back in Telic 4, they went to do their CIC while the rest of his unit doing OPTAG. But I don't think it is still being done
  14. Phase one (R1 - 6) is CMS(r).
  15. Bobling, I think that you may be correct in your own inf parlance. Phase 1 = 6 weekends = pre-CMSR. (CMSR=Common Military Sylabus (Recruiting) which replaced the 2 week Basic Training course several years back) Phase 1 entails you being taught several basic lessons about the military, e.g. drill, weapons handling, rank structure etc etc.

    Phase 2= 2 week CMSR where you go to a regular ATR for a continuous 2 week course, written specifically for TA.

    Phase 3= continuation training - normally at an ATR, where you get less bullshi t and more tactical training.

    Once you have completed Phase 3, trade training can commence.

    If you are still at Phase 1 level, then no, you shouldn't be mobilised.

    However, I do remember one girl on Agricola who wasn't basic trained.....everyone called her Kate (including the CO and RSM) as she only knew everyone as "Mate" or by their first name.....great for moral in camp, but dangerous otherwise.