Reality check for TA with mental health problems

invisiblehelper said:
And please don't post about the "Announcement for improved aftercare for recently demobilised reservists" It was an announcement of has not been implemented!
So why, in that case, are you telling us what has already been announced as a gap in service and the intention to resolve it?
invisiblehelper said:
Then if you have a mental health problem, directly linked to your tour (no doubt or question) all you are entitled to is one visit to a DCMH
Apart from it being the DKMH, it no longer exists.
So you logged on to a public terminal at around 0819hrs on 26 Jul 06 and some random individual with an interest in mental healthcare within the Regular, TA and Reservist forces just happen to come across the ARRSE website 6 days later, knew how to navigate the site and managed to post in 2 forums!
wow what are the chances of that happening again?

I smell b-b-bullshit round these here parts.
shite backpeddle.
Does the initial post have any value or information for members of the forum? Can it kick start a decent discussion? Does anyone have further comment

If the answer is yes to either of the above, get cracking, rather than trying to stick it to the poster FF

If its all shoite and you know it, have the courage of your MOD convictions and mag to grid it
This isnt my forum therefore I cant touch it, so I'll stick to picking holes in a story thats so thin that you could spit through it. :D
Thanks for your concern though.
I think that to have yourself and another person who both use the same computer, both find their way around this site with ease and both have exactly the same opinion about mental health problems a absolute one in a million ocurrance, please do my lottery numbers for me this week!
Do you black out only to find that someone has done your work in exactly the same style as yourself while youve been out of it?
Maybe you should have your one visit to the DCMH.

If youd have just left the post as it was without trying to distance yourself from it only to say that these are your feelings as well then I wouldnt be taking the pish, it is a very serious issue, one that you should have the balls to admit to raising.

Its not only the TA and Reservisits who are shafted when it comes to mental health.

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