Reality check for TA with mental health issues

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by invisiblehelper, Aug 1, 2006.

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  2. This does depend on you opting to say on and receive additional treatment with the army, or return to civilian life and civilian health services.

  3. Milk and Cheese

    I think the problem is that people were demobbed as quick as possible back at Chilwell, a morning and afternoon in my case, and weren't given the option to stay on/be referred to defence medical services. When you leave Chilwell, you are literally a series of barcoded stickers as you are on your return - very impersonal don't you all think?
  4. Looking at how some of the TA are being treated after demobilisation, you'd have to be f*cking mental to join in the first place! :D
  5. ha ha WP, managed to get your tongue off the minibus window again eh?!
  6. So you logged on to a public terminal at around 0819hrs on 26 Jul 06 and some random individual with an interest in mental healthcare within the Regular, TA and Reservist forces just happen to come across the ARRSE website 6 days later, knew how to navigate the site and managed to post in 2 forums!
    wow what are the chances of that happening again?

    I smell b-b-bullshit round these here parts.
  7. You're joking right? You want to spend lots of time at Chilwell? I've seen more traumatic stuff than most people and when I finish this tour I want to get home ASAP. I want to leave all the memories of dead comrades in Iraq. I want to get home and forget all the shit thats happened to me here.
  8. ChrisV's comments may make a few people uneasy.

    Supression leads to aggression - and I'm not being flipant here, fella. Please don't bottle it up and walk away. You may (or may not) benefit from some of the services on offer. Hope you get home OK.
  9. why put in a complaint about what to anyone with sense is bollox in the form of a backpeddle?
  10. Have the courage of your convictions and have the balls to admit to what is in fact a cracking subject to bring to this and the AMS forum.

    Instead of the cock and bull story of alien abduction or whatever it was and blame someone else!
  11. This was an issue we raised when we returned as a couple of the guys I was with went right down hill! We have been back for just over a year and they still have'nt returned to work and have gone abit strange!

    I found it very hard to settle back in as we were given 2 hours notice we were leaving and were back at Chilwell within 24hours and out of Chilwell within 3 hours to get on with it! However I went back to work and stuck it out and tried to get back into my normal Routine! which I did but it did take time!

    This is a subject that interests me and I know that the MOD/Government are looking at the after care but does anybody know how far this has gone??

    As for ChrisV I hope you get home safetly.

  12. Good point OXO,

    ChrisV - understand you are hacked off fella with losing mates and everything. I know it's rough. What you must not do when you get back to Chilwell is go through your demob medical without raising all issues that affect you!! This includes mental health issues - it's not tree hugging crap to seek help on these issues because this, if left untreated, can affect the rest of your life - jobs, relationships, children, everything!!
  13. Couldnt agree more, I was 'invited' to the Telic II party in the sandpit, unfortunatly it took a toll on me and I ended up at DK in Catterick, unfortunatly the system let me down a bit as was common in Telic I &II and I suffered as result, nearly lost wife, house, job etc. Take it from one who has been there, dont bottle it, even if you just talk about it, do so, it could save a lot of pain and agro in the future.
  14. Cheers Cutsy.

    And a good point from you!!

    When we went through on demob we did'nt even get asked if we had any issue's and the nurse that done my Medical was more interested in telling me what a nightmare it is for her being Mobilised to Chilwell! Also things moved so fast for us that I just wanted to get home as I had not seen my Family for 5 months!!

    The whole system needs looking at as I believe the Americans get a very good aftercare package!

    ChrisV it is up to you what you say when you get back, but given the opportunity I would have said something as it really does effect you! Especially when you return to work and people ask you bone questions and you realise that running out of "post-it" notes is'nt the end of the world!

    And to the Regs that may read this, Hats of to you guys as you don't have the option of saying no, I was attached to a Regular unit and they were a fine bunch!

  15. I was shocked to hear that one of our (less viable) recruits has invited their partner along to join. That was shock two (shock one being the fact that said recruit is still even allowed through our doors)

    Shock three came when we were talking about the in-breeding of mongs within the Unit, when someone piped up "well you know that so-and-so has schizoprenia and ADHD?"

    Laugh? I nearly urinated in my own pocket!!

    Sadly, unless this is reported, I know it won't get picked up!