Reality check before you choose NOT to Vote For Yourself

Hi everyone, I've never posted on here before, but I was in the TA in the 80s (6/7 QUEENS - so give me a break!). I met Gordon Brown on Monday, my question was what he thought about using the Internet for the public to vote directly and get rid of politics. Here's a Youtube about that:

Some of the other questioners were from Army families and he gave his usual crappy bore-for-Britain answers. I felt like lamping him on behalf of the dead and maimed and those who will become dead and maimed before we leave the Stan.

Obviously the moronic one has bolloxed any possibility of achieving anything next week so he'll soon be history. A lot of you aren't going to be voting as you never got the opportunity, but you might like to consider these reasons, listed in no particular order, before you choose NOT to Vote For Yourself:

1. Don’t forget the expenses row – there are several “tainted” MPs who appear to have got away with it. Most people feel that these MPs should be dealt with in the same way as any ordinary person ie sacked and/or prosecuted – refer to my campaign song and video specifically One Law For Them, One Law For Us

2. Gordon "Is A Moron" Brown’s “unfortunate” foot in the mouth gaffe when he suggested that Gillian Duffy was a “bigoted woman” reveals the contempt that politicians have for the public - and the forces in particular. I met him on Monday (27/04/10) and asked him what he thought about using the Internet to Vote For Yourself and get rid of politics.

A few years ago I was told by another very senior MP (coincidentally he was Labour too) that “my constituents are scum” – I happened to be one of his constituents at the time. Another “choice” politician who was my MP for a time was David Mellor, he of toe-sucking, Chelsea kit fame. He accosted me on my way to work one morning just before the election in 1987 parading his wife and 2 kids as evidence of his “commitment” to family values. I could tell that the greasy slime bag was a dirty cheat just by looking at him – and you don’t need any imagination to see the contempt he had for his own family, never mind his constituents.

3.There is going to be a hung parliament for sure - after Gordon’s moronic comments, Labour will finish 3rd losing even more of their core seats and those they hold will have significantly reduced majorities. This means that there will be a LibDem/Tory coalition with Clegg or Cameron as Prime Minister. So, the ruling class get to put the boot into the poor, held back to some extent by Clegg (who’s even posher than Cam) and they’ll be able to wring their hands saying: “It’s regrettable, but it’s the only way to undo the damage caused by Labour’s incompetence”. They can’t wait to lay into single mums, the long-term unemployed, pensioners, the sick, welfare state families, teachers, nurses and the public services in general - and you know it!

4. Voting for any of the “Big 3” will let them “off the hook” for any transgressions and encourage them to continue sailing the sinking ship of state. The officer class will still swan about pretending that we haven’t hit an iceberg and those who have direct access to the captain’s table will be first in line for the lifeboats. Meanwhile everyone else will remain locked below deck bailing out. 100 years after the Titanic sunk, we do not appear to have made much progress either with the class system or with recognising that we’ve been lied to since day 1 and this will continue until we use the democratic process – that millions fought and died for and what you guys are continuing to fight for - to regain control of our own lives and build a brand new ship of state.

5. Important changes to the way we live cannot be made by a party or coalition that has no mandate. While lack of an overall majority has not stopped any government from making undemocratic decisions before, it will be much more difficult under a LibDem/Tory coalition. That means they’ll dick about for a year without important changes occurring, then the coalition will fall apart – maybe over Trident - and we’ll be back at the polls by next May. By that time the LibDems will have managed to get Proportional Representation introduced so, if you think about it, that guarantees there’ll be another hung parliament!

6. The “Holy Grail” of PR will turn into a poisoned chalice. Getting Vote For Yourself instead is like losing a quid and finding a £50 note. Visit

Take it easy.
Thank fcuk you came along and posted that! really, we had no idea - I feel I've just had an epiphany.
You may have been a Queen in the TA but that is still a whole heap of drivel for a first post!
Fcuk me, another "I'm a real person, honest, not a Party worker" post.

Not smeared all over the various interweb fora yet, how lucky that we're the first site to be honoured with this particular cut and paste from the Tory (?) spinmeisters!

Edited to back-pedal ! Not Tory, but the tinfoil hatted cynic in me is seriously beginning to wonder if all these attempts to divert 'protest voters' away from real candidates is just all part of Labours diabolical plan... Wibble, mlarrrr...


There was me thinking my day couldn't get any worse & then you prove me wrong.

BTW I was not in the TA & I'm not a Queen, so we have sod all in common.


johnboyzzz said:
We don't need no stinking badges! :D
My granddaughter loves sticky badges, shows she's been a brave girl at the dentist. :D


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6/7 Queens you say? Weren't they the also-rans after 5 Queens? Small in number and always scruffy. :D

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