Reality Ballet

just heard a bit of this on the radio news while running errands in the fliver.. can anyone find a link?

Seems the Russians have a sense of humour after all and have a ' new' ballet corps available for performances.. The ballerinas are all - erm - plus size types , the ' lightest' being a mere slip of a girl at 200 pounds [ the minimum allowed for qualifying for the corps de ballet ]...

they perform in the regulation garb, tutus, en pointe, etc..

and the ' ladies' are teamed with young male dancers who are weighing in at less than their feminine counterparts which must make for quite the spectacle when having to lift them for the flashy bits in the performance..

Since the news report came out today [ the 4th ] I'm assuming it isn't some belated April Fool's joke.. assuming the Russkies even know what that is..

Wonder if they'll recreate the scene from Disney's Fantasia??

I'm waiting with baited breath and fevered brow for your Debut Performance in the lead role in their next production! Seems to me, from your avatar, you have all the - credentials - to be their headline attraction.

Swan [ dive and drain the ] Lake?
i think you'll find IF you open your eyes,I am already there! Last picture...doing the splits! 8O And yes it DID take a crane to get me back up because my large cheesy flaps had suctioned themselves to the floor!
:D its my pheromones what does it!!

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