Realistic End of WW2 in Berlin diorama in 1:72? (not my work)

This caught my eye while I was looking through You Tube:


I thought the level of detail achieved was amazing for 1:72 scale, and I'd like to try making something like it myself one day. I have some questions on the details, as I have never had anything to do with Armour. The bed-frame type things would have been put there on the real thing in an attempt to defeat Panzerfauste or other hollow charge projectiles? The logs are for extracting the vehicle from deep holes or boggy ground? And did the maker get the tank's tracks right?


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Dunno if it's right, but it looks right, which is all that matters IMO.

Yep. protection against Fausts and the magnetic mines the Germans used to attack tanks in street fighting.
Russians were also field testing a factory supplied retrofit at Wars end in East Prussia

Logs were used as unditching beams

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