Realistic Combat Games (Sort Of)

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by AlphaKennyThing, Dec 30, 2010.

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  1. Hi there,

    I apologise profusely if this has been covered before, a quick search didn't bring up anything obvious after a quick scan through so I thought I'd start up a new thread.

    Basically, I was wondering if anyone has played or knows of any realistic video games on any platform. Obviously being mere video games, they're never going to be anywhere near the real deal, but perhaps an 'accurate representation' would be a good start.

    What I mean by the realistic part is not how the game looks, but how the combat works, the ballistics work, the entire feel of it really. Games like Call of Duty look the part, but from what I can gather from talking to my dad (an ITN cameraman, often attached to British Army units in the first Gulf war, Bosnia and Iraq/Afghanistan) and from watching other sources, it's quite clear the fighting is about as realistic as Rambo.

    Weapons have the recoil of a BB gun, everyone can sprint at lightspeed etc - good game, great story, great animation, but pretty crap when it comes to an accurate representation of modern fighting. Some people say that the ARMA series have got it a little better. I could be totally wrong, as I've never been in combat, and may well never end up in it, but it'd be interesting to hear what people who have think about the games industry's take on it all.

    I've recently come across one called Project Reality (again, apologies if this has been done to death) which at the moment is my favourite thing to play when I get the time. It's made by people who are/were in the armed forces of several different nations, including the British Army, and by a load of indie game developers. It's actually a modification for the game Battlefield 2, but it's effectively an entire overhaul.

    Linkylink: Project Reality : Realistic Gaming Redefined

    I've been having a crack at it recently, and the pace of it is totally different to anything else I've had a go on. The players are generally all much older than the 12 year-old CoD kids, I haven't come across a single unbroken voice yet. You have to work in squads - any of that bunnyhopping round with an uzi s*** and you very quickly feel very lonely, and a few moments later, very dead.

    Ballistics are all apparently very accurately portayed (there's a video of the development team at a British Army base filming machine guns being fired off the top of armoured vehicles etc). You can fire several shots at someone down the sights and there's no guarantee you'll hit them, especially standing. Switching your weapon to auto for anything but building clearing is a waste of ammo - you won't hit anything. Average engagement with enemy squads seems to happen at 100m+. As soon as the rounds start cracking closely overhead, your screen starts to blur and you have to stay the hell down. If your squad as an LMG of sorts, you can surpress an entire enemy squad - you can do the same with some well placed rifle shots too.

    I could go on more about it, but for fear of it having already been done, and for not wanting to post ten pages, I'll cut it here.

    So yeah, anyone played it or know of any better ones?

    If you've got an old copy of Battlefield 2 kicking around, it's worth installing it and downloading the rather large mod. Be interesting to know what people think.
  2. I think the MoD thing has been tackled here before.

    I've worked alongside your old man a few times.(Your persec might need a review by the way)
  3. Yeah, this one is a recreational jobby as opposed to an official training one. It's worth a punt if anyone's looking for that sort of thing.
  4. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    I've recently got into Project Reality myself. Their lead guy in Europe (if not the world) is a serving SNCO in the cavalry, and a bloke I know quite well through our mutual interest in VBS2 (see my review of that HERE). VBS2 is technically a commercial game, but you're looking at £150+ if you want that level of realism. For a lightweight, free version of the software you can always try JCOVE Lite Community Forums

    PR, although mainly a BF2 mod, has also been released for ArmA2, which looks obscenely sexy.
  5. I saw they were going to release it for ARMA but haven't got a rig that can handle it. I could buy one, but I can't bring myself to fork out the cash when most things (but not ARMA) run on my MacBook Windows partition.
  6. Then get yourself the original, Operation Flashpoint (Game of the Year Edition). It's a little dated graphically, but there are plenty of mods and it will run on a pocket calculator. And it's ace.

    In the mean time, treat yourself to the free (and legal) download of the other Czech classic from a couple of years earlier Hidden And Dangerous with expansion pack and game editor.
  7. Hmm. Might give them a whirl!

  8. Operation flash point is a fantastic game, but as said, due to age the graphics are a little dated. It would cover most of the points you've asked for regarding orders, movements, weapons etc and runs at a realistic pace with a decent system. I seem to recall that the programmers undertook basic trg with the usmc with lots of teccy bits to ensure correct movements and realism in play. So far, the nearest I've found. Have just got black ops for Xmas and working way through it whilst baby sitting today, enjoyable but can't shake off the 'die hard' game play feel that it has, but so far so good.
  9. Yeah, Black Ops has a good story. I liked it, but I know plenty of others who were like "Ew, Treyarch?" and spat on their discs and traded it in.

    Some of the animations are great though, especially where Woods climbs through a window later in the game - don't know why this stuck out in particular, I just thought "Hey, that looks pretty real..". The rest of it wasn't much to rave about though.
  10. Ahhh good old flashpoint in the falklands MOD.

    And thanks you for that one! I love H&D! Good man!
  11. Is H&D any good? Just read the IGN review, got an alright verdict.
  12. Yeah it's alright, more of a strategy game than a shooter or a realistic war sim, but it's free so you can't really go wrong.
  13. If you want a good online shooter that's reasonably realistic (more so than battlefield anyway) try MAG on the PS3 if you have one, although it's based around the ridiculous premise of PMCs fighting each other all over the globe, the actual combat itself is pretty good, weapons behave in a realistic manner, and it's realistic in the way that it's company vs company combat, the company is split into platoons which are then split into sections, you have a coy OC, a platoon commander and a section commander plus section 2ic.

    You carry out the objectives set out for your section.

    The kit you can carry is pretty realistic as well, carrying too much will slow you down.

    And 256 people in one game at once on huge open maps is a lot of fun.

    Also on your windows partition, depending on how powerful your mac is you may be able to run joint ops typhoon rising, which is similer to MAG but more vehicle based, and again, more realistic than the battlefield series, in this case weapon behavoir is probably the most realistic in any game I've played, with rounds dropping off at 800m and it's very hard to hit a moving target at that distance, just like real life (it's even hard to hit a moving target at 300m). It's must be dirt cheap these days as well, as it's getting on for 6-7 yrs old now.

    And it has javelin (or maybe that was the expansion pack, can't remember now) which is awesome for taking out that MBT that's wasting your team.

    Here's a review by a gay chinaman.
    YouTube - Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising Video Review - PC

    Oh and another thing I forgot to mention, joint ops is the only game I've played where you can actually hide in the environment, if you find long grass on a hill overlooking the objective, you can use it as an op to direct mortars or you can snipe from there, if you have a silenced weapon you don't even need to move in between shots as no-one can find you.
  14. Glad you enjoy it :)

    @Bruno, slight correction, we have not released PR : ArmA2 yet! Due 2011 though :) Just clarifying before I get emails from the site from guys shouting at me for links to it :D
  15. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Oooh fair enough. I thought it was already done!