Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by geezer466, Aug 11, 2013.

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  1. Deactivated Guns | Deactivated Weapons | De-acs

    Anyone dealt with this firm?

    They have a few deactivated SLR's and SMG's. Which would look good on my bar wall.

    I have emailed the firm in question just interested if anyone has had any dealings with them.

    Need to know if they are based in the UK and what the law is regarding De-activated's in private ownership in the UK.
  2. De-activated arms are not considered to be firearms so no restrictions. The Current de-activation standard will mean the whole thing is welded solid. You should get a certificate of de-activation with it.
  3. They are in the UK. There is no law about de acts. I think tho after a certain year they must have a certificate of deactivation. Later de acts dont strip down either as the bolt needs to be welded shut... or something like that I did read about it somewhere. Ironicly you can own a deactivated rifle but not a plastic toy BB gun unless it is painted 80% illuminous orange or some bollocks.
  4. Expensive wall hanger tho. I did read somewhere in that article about deacts about a bloke who CNC milled replicas out of a solid tube of plastic or wood. Painted them up & sold them as props. Apparently he fell foul of the replica gun laws as soon as he painted them. So he started selling them unpainted to get round it. If the new owner decided to paint it apparently it had nothing to do with him. He did not condone such fiendish behaviour..... but sold some really authentic colour paint aswell.
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  5. Thanks for the heads up.... I will read the descriptions carefully. Notice they offer a paypal option so if the item is not as described it should be easy enough to return it and get a refund.
  6. If you're going down the painted plastic one route... Just buy a live SLR.

    Either will get you five years.
  7. Who do I see for a real one then mate?

    Many years ago during the amnesty I handed kit in I shouldn't have had cos the 5 years frightened me.....