Real Women That Look Like Pre-Ops

There are many fine threads on the Forum devoted to the splender of the female form with just the occasional hippocrocopig thrown in to remind us all we've done worse, or would do it as long as no-one found out.

There is of course one class of bint more disturbing than ginger tub of lard with the Miss Piggy face you've been pouring shots into just to take her up the wrong 'un by the dustbins whilst standing in someone else's puke.

Gentlemen of the forum (and any ladies and Sluggy who may be so inclined), I give you the real women that look like pre-op male-to-female transexuals:

Looking the the picture of Rosemarie O'Donnell, I would have thought putting a picture of the back end of a bus in the window would have been a more effective insult.

View attachment 50090

Curdle milk, she could...

Only open these attatchments if you have bleech ready for your eyes.


(yeah, I didn't know how to put the picies in properly...)
By 'eck! Bbrrrrrrrrrrr.
Someone I used to work with. She's almost 6ft too


Gottes Mutter!, Nein, Nein, Neeeiiiiinnnnnn! alles verlossen ist
Also . .

Labour's very own Gollum

Helen Clark ....................

Complete troll and not popular with some of the boys from TELIC 2. She visited some of the Kiwi units in late 2003, swanning around all day in a Chinook for photo opportunities.

Aircraft then unavailable to lift 30 - 40 pax from the Palace to return after end of tour, so they had to go by heli-Bedford ....... AFTER their weapons and body armour had been returned! ( CBA without plates was found at the last minute).

Long and very nervous drive to the APoD.

But she probably got some good photos, so like most "progressive" politicians it was worth risking soldiers' lives.

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