Real threat to the Nottingham Occupy camp

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BugzDaMick, Apr 12, 2012.

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  1. Comrades,

    The "Occupy Nottingham" camp has been around for some considerable time. The local council has been doing its best but can't budge it due to centuries-old common civil rights that can't be set aside so easily. The court-case is ongoing.

    However, the camp is set to celebrate its six-month setup, but that could be crossed by fascist gobshites who're determined to prove that they, for their own reasons, are the strongest and can prevent an essentially democratic movement from expressing itself and instisting on civil and human rights that were conferred upon citizens of the UK almost a thousand years ago.

    I ask all ARRSErs near and far to descend on Nottingham Town Centre and prevent these despicable right-wing Nazis from destroying a new (but old) and admirable idea.

    The essential focus will be late on Saturday evening (the 14th of this month of April 2012) going into Sunday morning. That's when the Nazi and right-wing attacks are expected. Anybody who identify with the cause and can get along will be more than welcome and will find that the folks there are not averse to former squaddies (like me). I'll be there and I hope you can make it too, comrades. Let's show these geezers that no-one is interested in their "Ingerland ownee for Ingerlish" caper!

  2. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    ... come on gentlemen.... don't be shy... comments please.
  3. Wow, another fake Bugsy.

    I'm lost for words.

    Well almost: "Cunt"
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  4. Identify with what?

    A bunch of trustafarians who haven't been touched by the economic downturn or reality?

    Jog on you over priveleged spastics.
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  5. Do you have a contact number for the Nazis? I have the weekend off and wouldn't mind making an impression on the work-shy hippies.
  6. What the fuck are you talking about?
  7. I shall join in but only if these protestors are demanding the return of the Harriers and reassembly of Ark Royal!
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  8. Comrades eh? In Soviet Russia protests occupy You!
  9. Notts is not an EDL/BNP stamping ground, too many ethnic types keen on using knives and guns for their liking, if they wander too far in almost any direction from the city centre they will find them self in serious mither, unless of course they try and get in by train and the police will just be waiting for them at the station in public order gear.

    I lived in Notts until recently and know the ground and the OP is talking shite.
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  10. Fuck off.

    Don't you cunts have jobs to go to?
  11. Impression you say? Size 12 Ammo Boot type by any chance?
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  12. That was my first thought too.
  13. Behave Bugsy, most ARRSErs and these society parasites come from different sides of the void.

    I wouldn't mind if they had a genuine protest, but it's just a piss taking dope smoking major gangfuck.
  14. Ah, you position regarding abortion is now understandable.