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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by warriorelite1990, Aug 3, 2005.

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  1. How many peopple on here are proper soldiers? i think that its not many. most peopple here are REMFs and they should not be argueing wiv the guys in the infantry. I am a 15 year old cadet and we could stomp all enginers/sigs/clarks ect lol. What do u do in iraq wehn they r in combat.


  2. E Minus my son.

    I don't normally bite, but that was frankly one of the most fcuking pathetic trolling attempts I've ever seen on the internet.

    Re-register, come back and try again.

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  3. Nice first post, you really have read the book, 'How to make friends and influence people'.

    With a name and post like you have there it proves you do not know anything.
    With your Chav like spelling and a IQ lower than your actual age, i suggest you go out and get ya sister pregnant so she and you can claim a council house you mong!

    Then and only then when you have grown up a bit you come back and have a adult conversation.
  4. Im not a chav but i think u r a REMF. u didnt answer the question of why u r in the army if u dont have the skill or bravery to be INF

  5. Go away you pathetic chav.
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  6. I like you.

    Would you like to come around and fu ck my aunty lawstudent?
  7. i dont like students. waht regiments r u guys in

  8. What sort of cadet are you? Space cadet?

    You like many others need to realise that everyone has a role to play in operations; the infantry need support from armour and artillery and logistics and vice versa (apologies for leaving other essentials out but I am trying to keep this simple for the original author, who is, well, simple...).

    I am not sure we need idiots like you to consider joining when you are old enough; I recommend you go for Le Legion, you probably watch the TV and think you are up to it...

    In short, fuck off!
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  9. and ur in d fcukin cadets m8 so what u doin on here talking about things way past your I.Q
  10. oh sod it:

    "411 y0r B453 4r3 B3l0ng 70 u5!1!!!!!111!!"

    Sorry, MiB but I'm just trying to talk gutter talk like he/she/It would udnerstand.
  11. Woteva. i may be a cadet but i am a sgt and have don more ex than u REMFs and Inf can do stuff without u. What about mortars/QMS/MTs LOL

  13. Stupid boy.
    You obviously know very little about the army and have an over inflated opinion of the cadets.

    You’re a cadet, your not a soldier, your not part of the army.
    I do like and respect the cadets, but chavs like you give them a bad name.

    The infantry are to be respected, they are the teeth of the army, but never forget that without combat support units the infantry wouldn’t be able to fight for very long.
  14. U would all be dead without the INF! So why don't you say what regiments u lot r in. coz u are all embarrassed

  15. Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho!

    You're very funny.

    Sure you dont want to fu ck my Aunty Toshiba instead?