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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by msr, Feb 12, 2003.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Dear All,

    A friend of mine has a flat on the second floor, but is unable to get any sleep due to a 'screamer' on the ground floor.

    What can people suggest (diplomatic or otherwise) to persuade this couple to quieten down. The bloke on the ground floor is a teacher and half term is approaching.


    P.S. I recommended going down in a dressing gown, knocking on the door and saying "Do you mind, you're putting me off my stroke."
  2. Yeah- tell your mate to make an audio recording of events and play it outside the staffroom window during a staff meeting one evening at top volume. Think he'll get the idea.
  3. The last time this happened to me I knocked on the door and told the participants in the somewhat vigorous bout of horizontal bedspring aerobics that seeing as they were treating me to the soundtrack that it would be positively rude of them not to allow me a "viewing" to complete the experience.
  4. Tell him to enjoy the experience.
    Or tell his teacher friend he should give up, if they have enough energy to scream, he's not doing it right!!
  5. I told a friend of mine that LOTS of people in the area could hear him and his missus at it as she was ' a touch too vocal' and that I was just making him aware.  He didn't take it too well at the time, but he got the message and we have remained mates for over 20 years.  JUst tell him and get it over with, if you tell him in 6 months time, he'll wonder why you didn't tell him sooner. :eek: ::) :eek: ::) :eek:
  6. If your mate is on the second floor and Lassie is on the ground floor, maybe we should feel more sorry for the poor bu**er who's on the first.
  7. He just needs to do it even louder, drown them out!  ;)
  8. Is he in the Butty?? :-X
  9. Drill a hole in floor so he can watch and have a milk. When he reaches his vinegar, he should thrap into the hole and onto the offending culprits.
  10. Is in qtrs? get the families offices involved. put posters up in the area, eventually you will embarrass them to move.

    Failing that tell them the noise turns you on and can I join in next time?
  11. The lads tell me all the noises they here in the block.....being married I miss out on all this .
        'CUM IN MY HAIR'......being the most heard of....coming from different rooms this same girl has been requesting this from different blokes...
    'PUNCH ME IN THE KIDNEYS' another favourite apparently......
        And you young lads complain about block life.
  12. course, he could just ask to join in each time he hears it...either he'll be allowed or they will do it as quietly as possible so as not to alert him!
  13. But apparently it's good for your splint ends.!!!
  14. :DIn the end there are higher and lower levels of passion and........ ???

    Bollocks to that call the police and tell them it sounds like someone is being murdered  ;D
  15. I remember lying in bed one night in the 39 Bde Sgts Mess Annex(Portacabins) listening to two of the Carrickfergus Commandos discussing in loud drunken voices who was going to sleep with the Branch Sgt (P*** Z******) and who was going to sleep with the CP WO2 (J*** O'******).

    It went,

    First Voice "What I wanna know is WTF's going on here."

    Second Voice "Well. Whose gonna fu6k me you or him?."

    Lovely ladies!