Real Reasons Czechs and Poles want US ABM bases

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Feb 5, 2007.

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  1. I see far more negative than positive about this. IF Russia could be bothered, either country would be history in a very short time, with or without the batteries? Alternately, if it was felt Europe needed an umbrella of this kind, it should be a NATO decision and a NATO deployment, of which they are both members.

    Can’t help feeling it’s no more than a couple of minor States trying to raise their self-perceived significance on the world stage. “Rogue missiles” from Iraq? That, unless they were going via the Antarctic, would pass over all or some of Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia and Greece – all NATO members – to get to or pass over Poland or Czecho. Of course, there might be a sneak attack from Korea using their stealth ICBMs? :omfg:

    I think Putin should do a deal with Canada, they have a sense of humour. :tongue:

  2. What, small, relatively insignificant countirwes trying to gain a greater standing on the world stage by playing on a close military/security relationship with Uncle Sam? Funny idea, it'll never catch on...

    Seriously, mnay smaller countries in dangerous neighbourhouds (e.g. Bahrain, Qatar) save themselves a lot of bother and military spending by hosting US bases.
  3. If russia could be bothered couldnt even beat chechyna and nobody else gives a shit about them.
  4. Yeah, Russia’s not much cop, couldn’t even conquer Afghanistan, unlike everyone else…… :slow:

    Quite right Andy, as well as saving on defence spending, (Poland would spend on a missile defence network?), inviting the sword of Uncle Spam onto your turf will bring plenty greenbacks, nylons, Hershey Bars, King Ed Imperials, Co’Cola, Jack Daniels and countess stooges to rip-off with genuine 2007 made eastern block ‘antiques’, or trade in equally ridiculous deals for PX goods. However, as swords tend to be double edged, downside is when the Stars and Stripes goes up your trousers are expected to come down, and their flying circus is free to reduce your population.

    But, if Poland doesn’t get this past their electorate, they’ve always got the cavalry? :shock:


    Let's translate it from political English to usual one

    Acting according to the principles of Western democracy (e.g. ignoring public opinion) governments in Poland and the Czech Republic being bri... engouraged by their Americam teachers are ready to obey any order from Washington.

    Yes, we all know that N.Korea is quite near Warsaw :thumright:

    Such a wise decision. I suppose that N.Koreans are in panic.

    Indeed, if Russia closes gas-pipes then I fancy the missiled could be used to produce natural gas.

    Some useless toys were developed in USA and only these two governments agreed to deploy them.

    Who cares?
  6. Hello Sergey, have you chaps got that Baluva missile working yet? 3 failures in six tests? That's worse than most US ABM systems!