Real or Fake ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Paton216tech, Sep 6, 2011.

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  1. Real- complete with spikes allover the carpet

  2. Argos special offer complete with free lights

  1. What sort of christmas tree is everyone having this year ? one of thos fold away ones from argos or a real one that take up half the lounge and leave spikes in your carpet ? Lets all embrace this christmas feel in the bar at the minute

    Happy Christmas !
  2. Do you sell Christmas stuff? You seem to have an almost fetishist interest in the matter. Either that or a rabid wish to increase your post count ( by Christmas?).
  3. i dont need to increase my post count, ive thousands already
  4. Who "were" you then?
  5. Got 2 from B&Q last year, bought some of them really nice wreaths with all the holly and berries in them aswell , had a nice dinning table decoration with little flickery lights it was really christmasy . i had a tree in both rooms as i think im dead posh and had really decorative window display in the dinning room , with like fake snow in the corners to make it look cool. I also left out a mince pie and a glass of milk as Father Christmas and his reindeers love all that when he comes down the chimney . I am getting excited already thinking about dragging it all down again from the loft , meeeeeerrrrrry christmaaas ,
  6. when yesterday or the day before ? or last week ? depends who i wanna be i suppose. lets say ive more active ids than days in the week or should ir be a fortnight ?
  7. Boringggggggggg!
  8. Fuck off you Christmas Walting Sock Puppet.

    Merry Xmas and all that bullshit.
  9. Why are you obsessed with Christmas? Fuck off to the North Pole if you are that obsessed with it.
  10. Hardly enough choices in the Poll is there? Or is Argos the only shop you know?
  11. Personally it has to be real all the way


    fake just sit there and are no fun.

  12. Is that a muff tache she has there?
  13. Bugger I thought this was going to be a thread about boobs preferebly a celebrity pair.

    Personally I think there is nothing wrong with fake boobs, they last a lot longer in the right position then real ones.
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  14. Maybe he's one of those shopping centre santas. Getting all those kiddies to sit on his cock er knee.
  15. Nah, prefer real ones, they feel so much better!! And if you stick to younger women (18-30) then they normally are in the right place!!