Real Life Woman Divorces Husband after Second Life Affair

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by DesktopCommando, Nov 13, 2008.

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    Amy Taylor, 28, cited unreasonable behaviour in the court papers, describing how their three-year marriage came to an end when she twice walked in on her husband pretending to have sex in an online game.

    Her estranged husband is now engaged to one of the women he had an 'affair' with on Second Life - even though they have never actually met in real life.

    Amy told Sky News Online how she thought she had found the love of her life when she met David Pollard in an internet chatroom in May 2003.

    They swapped photos online, and after six months of emails and phone calls, she moved from London into his seaside flat in Cornwall.

    The couple spent hours having fun together in Second Life - her avatar, or alter ego, in the 3D virtual world was Laura Skye, and his Dave Barmy.

    But her dreams were shattered three months later when she went for an afternoon nap and woke to find the jobless 40-year-old having sex with an escort girl in the game.
  2. Can you blame him? Ginger and a touch of the Downs. Talk about losing in life's lottery.

  3. That's some fizzer she's got.
  4. Just out of curiosity, what is the etiquette for schtupping a chick in real life, after 'nailing' her on 2nd Life? is it considered bad form for her to refuse to take it up the button in real life even though she has let you pot the brown online? :?
  5. Well she probably could refuse using the excuse that what happens online is different from what happens in the real world. Using the fact she has a slim attractive look in second life as a precedent when the reality is far far different