Real life RAMBO (in Skegness)!

Don't worry Skegness is safe from terrorists and possibly the whole Russian army:

The wild streets of Skegness have seemed just that little bit safer ever since survival expert and obsessed Rambo fan Stephen O'Rourke changed his name to that of the muscle-bound movie hero.

Skegness' own John Rambo might draws stunned glances from passers-by as he patrols through the town in full military get-up and bandana, but at least no one dares mess with him.

John, 40, changed his name 20 years ago after watching the Rambo movies for the first time.

Not content with sharing the same name as the tough action hero and dressing the same, he has also perfected Sly Stallone's distinctive slow drawl.

The charity worker helps teach outdoor survival tactics at his local Air Training Corps.

He said: "I really am the real-life Rambo.

"Generally people think twice about what they say to me. Nobody messes with me.

"Sometimes people don't believe I'm serious at first. They just think it's quite amusing.

"Then they realise the truth."

John does not just keep up appearances with his love of everything 'Rambo'.

He has honed the same skills as his icon, making himself an expert on aircraft, weaponry and survival.

He said: "I'm really into survival. I've done a few courses and I could easily survive in the woods if I had to. "I'm really into aircraft and weaponry, I've been into it for a long time.

"I am the chairman of the civilian committee for the 1073 Skegness Squadron Air Training Corps so that is right along the line of my interests."

Single John will be among the thousands of Rambo fans across the country queuing up to see the fourth offering of the world-famous films.

The photos speak for themselves...
"Sometimes people don't believe I'm serious at first. They just think it's quite amusing.

"Then they realise the truth."

Watch out.
lincolnshire breeds these types

Sounds like he should be locked up, fcuking nutter. Would not want him anywhere near any of my kids.
I have this strange desire to slash a great gouge out of his arm and watch him sew it up using a safety pin and fishing line withot anaes... er .. painkillers... whilst high up in a great fir tree... if he can do that without squealing like a little girl or indeed falling from the lofty perch then he gets my greatest respect.
........and how's the local kebab shop managing without him?
I served - in the police - at Skegness many years ago. It's on the road to nowhere and if a few outsiders didn't visit in the summer and impregnate some of the local girls they'd be all like this.
Does the red key ring clip qualify for the ally thread?
Nice post frog_face, best laugh i've had all day. :D

The defence of Lincolnshire is safe, :roll: glad that guy is on our side. :roll: :roll:
Dammit! I've just spilt my tea down my shirt for laughing! That is the funniest thing I've seen in ages

In the films Rambo wears a red bandanna but mine's camouflage green. They're similar enough though. "I wear combat trousers quite a lot, so I look just like him.

ps is he very short or is the photographer in a tree?
I can't believe you're all saying this! He looks just the type to take on half the Red Army in afghanistan with an M60 fired from the hip, hes dead ally ;-)...
thrombo said:
"Sometimes people don't believe I'm serious at first. They just think it's quite amusing.

"Then they realise the truth."

Watch out.
Shouldn't that read " Sometimes people don't believe I'm a complete w*nker at first. Then they realise the truth."

I wouldn't like him training my kids...


I bet the Taliban are sh*tting it!
hemingway said:
lincolnshire breeds these types

Oi Fu[][/]ck off we are not all that mental in lincolnshire

Why hasnt the bloke been sectioned and why do the ATC let him anywhere near children

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