Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by poet, Nov 11, 2005.

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  1. Check out all these links. There about cloning humans and mixing us with other animals to create real-life human hybrids.

    a cellular biologist in new york requests human hybrid crosses to be allowed.
    (this was way back in 1998)

    by 2002 they were plotting human-mouse hybrids called chimeras.

    by 2003 scientists in china have created human-rabbit hybrids

    they've also crossed us with cows and trees (DNA), but i couldnt find the links.

    and this is all the legally permitted stuff. Imagine wot they could be doing on the sly. I can just imagine a secret base somewhere where it all goes on (secretly) guarded by lizard-men with shot-guns.

    Imagine what they can create now they can do this? Think in the future aswell, they may actually be-able to make full-on animal-human crosses. eg. a man with a lizzards head etc etc.

    OFFICIALY we're not quite there yet, but you never know......

    heres somethin to finish on about a very human like chimp found in the 70's......

    what does everyone think about all this? (yes I was bored)
  2. I think you need IT lessons. :D

    1 of your links is incomplete.
  3. old news, 2000AD comix had 'Rogue Trooper' 20 yrs ago.................

    coff coff
  4. Well that's all a load of sh*t though aint it? How are you going to 'cross' two species if they do not have the same amount of chromosome, won't work. Before anyone points it out you can in fact cross two species if polyploidy occurs (the doubling of chromosomes directly after fertilisation, allowing there to be an equal amount of homozygous chromosomes). Pity that polyploidy only seems to occur in plants as animal cells simply cannot undergo it, possibly due to the lack of cell walls.
  5. Get you Mr Smarty Pants. :wink:
  6. It's probably been done already and they're living amongst us now, just check out the staff at McDonalds and Tescos.