Real Life Desparate Housewives Need Excitement

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Wordsmith, Aug 23, 2012.

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  1. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    From the Daily Mail.

    Desperate housewives UK: Leafy and well-heeled, Tandridge in Surrey has been revealed as the town with the most stay-at-home mothers in Britain. But are the lives of its residents as perfect as they seem? | Mail Online


    Dear Santa Claus, can I have the one in yellow wrapped up and delivered in time for Christmas please?

  2. She's about the only half decent one the rest are like the busicts they are eating....plain
  3. Ahh, to old and too far to get a window cleaning round there.
  4. The one in the golden dress at the back looks like she's had a lobotomy.
  5. Agree on the one in yellow. The others are just middle aged rough birds. The one in red on the far right wouldn't look out of place head to toe in Addidas and gold, shuffling around the estate I grew up on.
  6. Surely you'd get them to do each other before joining in, you fussy fuckers.
  7. And that's a bad thing?

    Fuck me dead, I've not seen so many fussy fuckers before. I'd smash them all.
  8. Aye, she'd be slavering all over the place and would keep asking if she could pet the rabbits.
  9. A much better collection than some of the stay-at-home howlers near me. I'd rather fuck the dog to be honest. However, if i lived in Surrey, i'd probably end up with an injunction or a prison sentence.
  10. I would just like to point the honourable and dis-honourable members to the current bunny boiler topic currently being discussed in the mumsnet thread. It has right put me off women it has. Barge pole for the use of.
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  11. She could pet all the rabbits she wanted. I'd still fucking violate her.
  12. She might pet you too hard and break your neck though. She looks like a female Lennie.
  13. By 'eck theres folks on here oo reckon they wouldnt and prolly they never have. Get amongst it fill yer boots it's poontang on the hoof.
  14. Literary quote alert .....
  15. Twinsetted with Stepford.