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Real life Buster Gonad


In his position, I'd consider surgery .... even castration.
Though, maybe it's not an option available to him.
I'm at work and don't want to click on it - I take it this is the Indonesian with the world's worst elephantiasis?

Yup, count your blessings that you live in the West.
I like the fact he lives in a hut 6 foot off the ground and his mucker has to lift his balls up for him to climb the ladder.
LeatherHead said:

Its a disease called Elephantasis. It can be on any part of the body, in this case, the gonads.
The geezer in the video either had a more extreme case ......... or much shorter legs. :roll:
"And what do you do for a living?"
"Oh I carry my mate's sac around for him"
"Nice,I'm so glad we shook hands"

And what was the OP looking for when he found this?
What load of old Bollox, seconded.....

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