Real IRA: We will take campaign to Britain

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by HarryPalmer, Apr 17, 2009.

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  2. I can not imagine, why they are avoiding issuing a direct threat against Martin McGuinness. He has always been such a sweet man, much given to random acts of kindness, as all the World knows!
  3. Because, IndianaDel, while they may be foolish, they are not that foolish. Threatening Mr. M. is a very dangerous game to play and they know it.
  4. Do I care?

    Do I fcuk.

    Nothing they do can be worse than has gone on before. That didn't change my mind, fcuk all they do now will change my mind.

    They are on to a loser from the start.
  5. This statement smells of a bunch of walts bigging themselves up they are mainly a bunch of young men trying to prove they are as hard as there fathers the very definition of a walt.

    Not much chance of them attacking us with the country on lockdown if you even fart in public now you have the police testing it for chemical agents.
  6. They may be many things, but 'walt' isnt a term I would use for these 'people'
  7. I think you underestimate these people.
  8. While capable of extreme thuggery, they have the organisational, social and Int skills of rabid hyenas, hopefully any attempt at a "spectacular" would be beyond them, in fact that is what I thought was meant by "When it becomes opportune.'' i.e... Not up to the job yet..

    Just my opinion though.
  9. There is a simple solution. We know who and where they are, lift 'em all, put them in Orange suits and drop them on Lundy Island, get the RM to patrol around in rigid raiders and shoot anybody that tries to leave.

    And before any tree huggers say you can't do that it will infringe their human rights, they have threatened mine and I would like my government to get the retaliation in first.

    Oh fuck, just spotted the flaw.....
  10. There are endangered species on Lundy Island, Drop them on Rockall or Gruinard.
  11. None of which are required to create havoc on the London underground system, and potentially harm a lot of people.
  12. Seconded; if they go after Martin, they risk being slotted by the organisation he has served with distinction for over 20 years...

    ...MI5 can be right nasty b@stards when someone attacks their Touts(allegedly)! :twisted:
  13. But you do need photographs and the Met are on top of that one :lol:
  14. If it is so easy it makes you wonder how it has not already happened. In case you had not noticed we are already at war with a few terrorists.
  15. :D