Real IRA leader loses legal aid

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by scalieback, Nov 12, 2004.

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  1. In a word, good:
  2. Shame :roll: :wink: :lol:

    Just how do the victims plan on getting 14 mil though, I don't understand that - but I am a thick Yorkshireman :?
  3. best news since Arafat died :D :D

    hope the Omagh people have protection though!
  4. Almost certainly they don't have 14 million however this is still an excellent strategy. A criminal action is out of the question so a civil action it is. Presumably upon losing whatever money, property, assets etc should be pursued. The Real IRA pr*cks have civil convictions against them and failure to pay could lead to a criminal charge. Its better than nothing.
  5. i think when you have lost close relatives, you wouldn't care that much to be honest and i doubt the IRA will try to intimidate them as they already are marginlised by their own community. i have been to Omagh it a nice town.
  6. Its more aimed to ruin his life, which is fair game if you ask me.
    Anyone stupid enough to lean on an Omagh relative would lose whatever public acceptance or support their (splinter) organisation has.
  7. Oh what a barsteaward, the poor man. Means ta say what did he do wrong, just wasted a few non belieivers, much like Arafart, but of course he won the Noble Peace Prize.
    May they rot in hell.
  8. As I understand it......
    Once the civil action begins there's the right to ask for evidence and papers that wouldn't be available otherwise.
    The CPS can then examine them and decided if it has a sound bases for a higher court prosecution.
    During all civil cases the main aim is two fold,
    1. To collate evidence that could see the transfer to a higher court that can impose a sentence of incarceration, and therefore a criminal conviction on the individual.
    2. To highlight the accused to open him to public examination.
    Money isn't really the point, chances are they will NEVER receive the money, unless this animal wins the lotto and even then they would have to ask a court to arrest those monies.
    The real thing here is he has had his right to legal aide withdrawn, and the law likes to be paid, so while he might pay his victims at £5 a week for time immemorial; the legal system will bankrupt him and make his life a living hell. :evil:

    Beebs x

    edited due to typing with 4 yo monkey on knee 'helping'