Real Detties 13 or 11

Bout time we re awoke the Kracken!
I'm sure it's been done before but placate me.
All those who did their detties in Catterick are nonces.....Discuss
Acceptance is the first step to absolvement mate.

I love the story about the last detties at 11 when they got let off the final Ex to move tables over to Vimy, God I hope it's true!
You can tell a 13 Sigs man, they just won't let it lie



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Desert_SCRA(T) said:
Bout time we re awoke the Kracken!
I'm sure it's been done before but placate me.
All those who did their detties in Catterick are nonces.....Discuss
Well, mine was in Catterick, but it was 1983, so things probably changed downstream. It was hugely entertaining for everyone to have a German-based EW Op full screw to play with and the techs certainly appreciated the top cover from the cadre's attentions. Not sure I did, mind.


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Desert_SCRA(T) said:
Very bizarre Glad, there was me in the home of the wobbly head, getting thrashed, and one of 13s own was swanning in Johnnies Cafe
13? Wash your mouth out. 3 Squadron at the time, which was even more slipper city than Birgelen. Of course, 14 was my/our spiritual home in the 80s.
Did mine at 13 Sigs in 1990. In terms of difficulty dunno which was harder as I passed first time so didn't do 11 Sigs. A complete bag of bollox though. 3 weeks getting fekked around from arrsehole to breakfast time, followed by 1 week of sleep deprivation. Didn't learn anything about being a Det Cmdr.....I did manage to conconct several bone mnemonics and accronyms to remember the duties of a sentry etc etc. Funnily enough the hole sketch was repeated at Colerne on my Sgts course in '96.
Did my Detties in Helles Barracks in the mid 80's. Some of the DS were right P*icks. Are they serving now? No, because all they were arrsed about was ragging the guys and not looking outside their Mil Trg pigeon hole.
11 of course, it was a proper inconvenience to have to tip up at Catterick from Cyprus, it played havoc with the holiday season. Having to squeeze your 1157 into a poxy luggage allowance was rubbish and then the shock of seeing snow for the first time in yonks. To top it all, when you got back to Cyprus minus the beer gut, you then had to shell out on a new rig because none of your threads fitted anymore!

I wish I'd just done the sensible thing, waited 15 years and done CLM instead :)
Does not matter which one you did, its all gone down hill since they allowed females into the corps!! They couldn't hack the original Detties course, so it was called sexually discriminatory in favour of men!! Last Sergeants course run at Catterick top student was a female. However they did not say that she was 1) an instructor on the corporals course 2)married to another instructor who instructed on the Sgts course 3)had never had a real posting outside Catterick. Discuss....
Det Cmdrs at 13 in 1971. Staffies in Catterick 1982. Both 4 weeks of my life wasted which I'm never gonna get back. Of course, in my new life as an NHS manager, the fact that I can still recite "Taking you a stage further in your foot drill....etc etc" has really stood me in good stead. I use it all the time, honest.......

Are those nice men in white coats coming to see me????
Dettie 11 Sigs Feb 93 from Cyprus. Couldnt do it from 14 as a Lance Jack cos Big Bad Jim wouldnt let us.

I dont care, the Temp difference of Ay Nik to Catterick was enough to make it nails.
Where do I stand having done mine at 21??????????
Having done it at 13 and 11 (Sandhills at 13 screwed me big time at the end of week 3!!!) I can say, conclusively, that 11 was a walk in the park by comparison.
Being the proud owner of a top student plaque from 13 (1984).

I will have to agree that anyone who did it at 11 is a raving nonce.
Gained Plaque from 13 in 1986. What 11 did not have was a completley raving mad QMSI who beasted everyone to death... Baselines begin, no 2 you are cheating, start again gentlemen (normally half way through the mornings excitment).

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