Real deal on bmi entry requirement

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by satnav, Nov 28, 2006.

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  1. Hi all. Im currently joining but having some trouble. I was a bit overweight when i started the process some time ago but have now got my weight down to 16 stone. Still a big boy I know! This gives me a bmi of 28.8. I know that the BMI requirement was 28 but having checked around I believe that its now 32. However having spoken to my ACIO Ive been told I still need to lose more, presumably to make 28. Is this because I started the process before the rules changed or something else Ive missed? Im fairly fit and should have no trouble with that side of things so what should I do now. Obvious course would be to lose that bit more but having cut everything out I just dont think I can without losing some of my fitness. Please advise. Thanks in advance

  2. I assume that if you're 16st but consider yourself to be fit you must be a bodybuilder type. Am I right? If so, get out of the gym, ditch the protein shakes and run.

    I'm sure you can get down to less than 28 without losing fitness. Maybe you'll have to lose muscle but that's not the same thing. The armed forces want all round cardiovascular fitness, not the ability to bench press a family sedan.
  3. Howdo satnav,

    Don't have the proper guidelines but I can tell you that when I did my selection there was a guy who had a similar issue at 15 stone and six foot with a BMI of 28.5. He had been deferred from a previous attendance and told to get his bmi down which he had done. They were clearly happy enough with this as he passed. That said he was a pretty well built bloke so much of his weight came from muscle which makes all the difference. I think they will give you a further cheack if your BMI is high to see what exactly your weight is made of (as you no doubt know the figure doesn't distinguish between weight from fat or muscle), if its muscle great - if not probably worth cutting down for a couple of weeks.

    Good Luck and you'll probably be right.
  4. No Im no bodybuider and have never tried protein shakes. My buid is that of a rugby player. Big legs. Upper body isnt big at all in terms of muscle I will be working on losing the last bit of weight but ive been trying to get in for so long that I just feel I havent gotten anywhere. I suppose what your saying is keep running but stop the pressups etc for the minute? Ive seen somewhere else that those tests are no longer included at recruit selection if so would it be safe/sensible to let that side of my training slide whilst keeping my cv going to try and lose the last five pounds.
    Thanks for your input Seajay
  5. That's good news. Rugby player fitness is the right sort of thing to be aiming for.
    Dig out blind on the run and you'll probably impress them enough to get away with being a little bit over.

    Best of luck
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  6. Cheers Mr nurse. Thats great news as Im sure I can convince them of my worthiness given the situation. What would be my best course of action to get to selection and prove myself. I dont want to start arguing with the recruiting sergeant as I dont think that would go in my favour! Ive cut out pretty much everything, Ive gained a horrible fixation with checking the nutritional information on everything else my girlfriend buys I even went as far as cutting out alcohol a while ago. As for my opinions on the BMI ive always thought it was absolute crap but if its what the army wants then its what Ive got to do I just dont know how!
  7. Yep not pressups at the centre - least there were not in August. That said press ups are un likely to build massive ammounts of muscle so as to affect your weight much. Plus once you let 'em slide its much harder to get back than simply maintaining what you've got. Also if your likely to be beginning training soon after selection then your best keeping going with em or it'll hurt later.

    Oh and as an after thought the more muscle you have the more calories you burn even when your sitting on your arse so probably best to keep em up and go for a longer slower run.

    Up to you mate but why let your hard work so far slide?
  8. Thanks again seajay Thats what i was intending. Im never gonna be a sprinter but I can move when I have to! Ive heard they like to see effort more than anything so thats what theyll get.
  9. Ah you posted while I was typing. Yeah don't worry about arguing with him, he'll probably send you anyway - there were quite a few tubbier blokes when I went. Just convince him it's muscle- do a few poses in the office - maybe not then but you know what I mean
  10. Ok Ill keep em going then. Ive just started running three miles as per some other advice instead of the 1.5 i was doing before. D o you thin this will make any difference in terms of weight in the long term or will it only affect my cv fitness?

    Thanks so much for your time guys and not for just having a piss take as happens so much on here!
  11. Keeps happening to me as well! Cool its kinda why i was hoping to get a definite answer on the BMI level, so I can ring him and say look im under the limit by quite a way now its moved so let me go and prove myself! Ive had one formal interview and just need to let him have my next one and go! Its so frustrating cos I know I can do it!
  12. Send me a Pm with your height and weight and I will check against the careers office guide sheet. The BMI is still 28 it never changed. They issued guidelines that applicants that the recruiter considered to be fit enough with a BMI under 32 can go forward and let the Dr at selection decide. If your recruiter thinks you are not fit enough they can defer you. What is your 1.5 mile run time?
  13. Thanks a lot Blues_Cav. Pm waiting.
  14. must agree with Blue-Cav

    there has been hype in the press about allowing 'obese individuals' to join the army.

    But the regs dont change overnight - and have not changed.

    There is no grey area - if your BMI is 28 or under = good, if its over 28 then you will get deferred.

    Dont listen to wasters (aka MrNurse - cos hes only a pleb) the ACIO will tell you what you need to pass - if you do not achieve those recommendations then it is simple - you wont pass!!
  15. If you knew what you were talking about - then that would be helpful, until then SHUT THE FUKC UP!