Real Chinese Curry Sauce

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Fat_Cav, Jun 24, 2010.

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  1. I found this gem in our (very small) local Oriental food shop.

    Goldfish Brand Curry sauce

    It's exactly the same they flog over the counter in Chinkies.
    Tastes absolutley cracking and you can make it up anytime you like.

    I do a fair amount, add some raw onion, Petit Pois and whatever cooked meat I have lying about the fridge and within a few minutes I have a 'Real' Chinese curry at home. Problem is we've found that it's easier to justify a bag of chips on the way home and knock-up a quick bowl of sauce instead of something nutritious. Luckly the kids eat at the Mother-in-law's otherwise . . . . 8O

    The tub below makes about 10-12 take-away size pots for less than £2. :D


    Has anyone else got any finds of real yummy authenticity that you can do at home instead of the take-away??
  2. yeah i've used these as well, think you can get a mild one also as you said tastes awesome.
  3. You can get this one in most Oriental shops. It's very good. To really infuse the meat/fish make the curry the day before in the wok. Let it cool down to room temperature and transfer the curry to a Pyrex bowl cover with cling film & leave in the fridge overnight. The following day simply gently warm it up on a medium heat in the Wok before serving.

    Yeos Singaporean Hot Curry Sauce

  4. Thanks for the hot tip!

    That works for me, especially the Extra Hot. Try frying the raw onion in a little sesame oil first, very high gas for a few minutes to just colour the edges, then add everything else.
  6. There is fcuk all "curry" about a chinese curry sauce. Not to say that I don't mind it once in a while, but it's not a "real" curry is it!

    Have you noticed that chinky curry sauce tastes the same the world over?!?!
  7. How do you make the chicken balls jarrod248? sounds good!
  8. First castrate two hundred chickens.................?
  9. First take your male chicken...
  10. Curry was introduced to Southern China by Indian Monks. One of the best Curries I ever had was a Curried Chow Fan at HMS Tamar in HK in those halycon days when we had an Empire....
  11. Anything that says "No artificial flavourings or persatives" can NOT be real Chinese sauce they put as much MSG as they possibly can into everything.

    [Lived in Hong Kong for 9 years]
  12. :D I walked straight into that one didn't I :)
  13. Could't resist it but if you want to go posh, this looks easy enough
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    They also do a Hot Madras one as well.
  15. There is one available in Waitrose in a glass jar... I think it's Wing Yip curry sauce concentrate (I'll check when I'm home). You just mix it with water and simmer for a few minutes.
    I've had the one that Fat Cav posted and it's pretty much the same, they're both good. The Wing Yip one is just easier for me to find.