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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brighton hippy, Feb 4, 2010.

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    £16 billion in underclaimed benefits!!!
    A whole host of charities accuse the goverment scare campign against benefit thieves of putting people off claiming benefits they are entitled to :x
    £900million was stolen in 08/09 but seems rather small compare with £16BILLION UNDER CLAIMED
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Why not just don't take it off people in the first place?
  3. Because then the Government couldn't be seen as so generous 'giving' you something.
  4. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    "They" do - it's called "taxation".
  5. I cannot say that I am bothered, the nation is too benefit dependant anyhow. It is a complex system so how the fcuk are people supposed to know what they are entitled too?
    Why should the threat of being accused of benefit fraud stop people claiming? If you are entitled to claim for something then claim for it, if you're not then don't. When your circumstances change tell the DSS and the payments will stop. Simples.
  6. I am actually appalled by it. When I was sick and tried to claim a modicum of benefit it was made so difficult that I gave up. As a result I got into massive debt, thanks to a solid previous credit rating, but I kept everything I owned and my self respect. When I got better I paid off the debt by working my arse off for several years although it was very fkn hard and involved long hours, danger and time away from home. Once I was sorted financialy I went off-shore. I went from paying 40% tax +NI, to paying nothing. Over the years I have paid well over the requirement for pension and I have medical insurance which Bruins government taxes me on. My experience is that the welfare state is a load of old b ollocks. I paid for it but it wasn't available to me when I needed it. It does however appear to be available to those who chose to manipulate the system. Shove it!
  7. The government benifit fraud adverts are the biggest pack of lies ever, they are just to cause the situation mentioned above and cost the taxpayer millions, 94000 fraudsters caught last year, my arrse more like 94
  8. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    It's a classic "left/right hand thing". On the one hand the Dept is tasked with alleviating poverty, on the other the protection of public funds. To assure the public, that public funds are not being misused, they have an enforcement arm. That arm is full of zeal for their job. Consequently, they have no conception of what claimants need, only what their targets say that they have to "save".

    Oh, and learn to spell "thieves". "I" before "e" except after "c"....

    edited for Grammar Nazi shoite.
  9. Check out Govdata UK website and you find that
    1 It probable wont let you in
    2 it wont run
    3 all these figures are all estimates
    4 they couldnt run a pissup in a brewery

    This is the new wonder accsess to data that Gorden Brown made such a song and dance about the other day and is just a load of crap,
  10. Good for you, brother, I really do sympathize. I missed out on years of disability benefit for my daughter because I was in BAOR and unaware of her entitlement. Similarly, as a civvie, I shattered my ankle at the start of a new job and tried to claim income support. What a fcukin joke! There's help for all sorts of folk, but not for ex forces. I was given a royal fcuk around all because someone failed to actually read and digest my claim. It was hardly worth it anyway and so, I got back on my feet in record time and claimed just two weeks before returning my book as instructed. It was stolen in the post and despite every counter foil being serial numbered, the investigator just shrugged his shoulders after he'd spoken to me, so some scrote got several hundred pounds worth of benefits completely free and that was alright, but me asking for it in the first place was evidently a fcukin outrage! It's shite. It doesn't pay to be open and honest. You'll get no thanks. I shall claim vociferously and unashamedly for everything I'm entitled to in future and I would warn anyone from the forces community to do the same and not feel bashful about it.
  11. Some arrsers that are on the 'Inside' of the Wire can be forgiven for not knowing that THIS Government has created an employment system that is heavily stacked against the Employee.

    In an attempt to cut the level of Unemployment by "Creating New Jobs" what has happened is that in many area's of commerce, a system now operates whereby instead of an employer giving One person a full-time job with 38-hours of work every week, they now divide those hours up and give the same job to 3 people but all with lower hours.

    So as far as the Government's records on employment are concerend, Bingo, that's an extra 2 jobs that have been created. When the reality is that all that they have done is to put 3 people on the bread line and as such, require working tax credits and a cocktail of other State Top ups so that they can get back to a level of income that they used to have prior to losing all those hours.

    Those new employment laws, and reduced employee working hours, also now mean that many employers now don't have to pay sick pay to those part-time workers.

    But not to worry eh. At least the Government can stand at the oche and spout off about how many new jobs that they've created....!
  12. There are also people who refuse to claim their entitlement because they don't want to go through the means testing. I phoned a person last week to tell them that using the figures they provided they are due an extra £57/week benefit and once that was in place they wouldn't pay rent or council tax. They still refused to claim it even if all they had to do was sign the forms cos I would write all of the info on the forms. So if I hear the person moaning about the government not supporting them I'll go nuts cos they have been offered help with the forms, told what they are due but say no because "I don't want to get involved with the government" Your involved as soon as you get your NINO and start paying taxes - makes me wanna scream
  13. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    The benefit system is an inducement to fraud. The information given to claim most benefits is not verified before the benefit is paid - particularly if you are self employed. Housing benefit and working tax credit are two classic examples of this.

    Another classic is council flats being sublet. Get yourself on the waiting list, get a council flat and then move in with your gf, subletting the council flat in the process and pocketing any excess above the rent you have to pay as the 'legitimate' rent to the council.

    And there are a lot of council flats with very expensive motors parked outside. People moved into them 10 years ago when they were genuinely hard up. Since then, their circumstances have substantially improved, and now they're living in a low rent property on a high income.

    (I've personally seen all the above fiddles being carried out).

    I could go on and on, but the whole system is a monument to corruption and inefficiency.

  14. Hi,

    I will not bore you with my job, but today I attended a meeting with a guy who's sole job for the local authority is to increase benefit take up.

    There was also another gentleman at the meeting who had a similair responsibility for taking benefits from those not entitled to them (cheating scum).

    I imagine both are quite rewarding jobs in there own individual ways.
  15. Where I am and who I am lets me see both sides of the penny as far as benefits are concerned,on the onehand, I see and hear benefit fraudsters boasting as they live and work as TEFL teachers in thailand ,while being registered as unemployed or sick in the UK,then on the other hand,british pensioners living in commonwealth countries who have paid their uk taxes ,NI subscriptions all their working lives, and whose pensions are frozen at the same level as their initial payment no matter how long they live, oops getting on my soapbox again,