Real Ale or Lager/Pils?

Before Germany I was real ale through and through, then I discovered what real pils/lager was... now I can go to a pub in Belfast and drink the same stuff I was supping in Germany... it is far, far preferable to Harp, which frankly is pish

Unfortunately, I can't get this in Belfast
I'm ambidextrous. I like real ales better for indoor drinking and pils for outdoors i.e. summer. When I go to China I just can't get decent ales, but they do do a decent lager nowadays.
Real Ale if there's something decent on tap.

Stella if not.

If the pipes are furred up to fcuk and there's a webbed cyclops serving I'll take a vodka drowned in Jagermeister.
Good to see that real ale is still up there. If I make it as a pro brewer (this is a dream of mine after being a homebrewer for some time and after spending a day working at a brewery I would love to do this as a profession, give me another five years and I reckon I'll be there) ARRSE will be my first point of call. Smartascarrots gets first dibs though, since he was one of the very few people to read though my dissertation!



I choose real ale if there's no Belgian beers on tap, although if you hunt around for them, especially in Germany there are some great lagers out there.

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