Real Ale for Real Men?

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by King_Chimp, Jul 20, 2011.

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  1. Just cos I is bored at my desk this afternoon, we (the enlightened few) had a discussion on the delights of Real Ale as opposed to chemically fermented and downright homosexual lager type beers. My esteemed college had only recently discovered the delights of Real Ale and stated in his articulate Yorkshire accent “tastes reet good does that!” Which opened the discussion point on whether it is more manly to drink an ale as opposed to a Lager. Obviously this conversation took on a distinct North /South divide, i.e Southern Homo Lager swillers or Northern Homo Ale n Whippet shaggers, so no real distinction was made as to the manly-ness (?) of Ale drinking!
    Now! being a real Ale drinker for a fair number of years, I actually prefer that to more commercially available (Cheaper?) beers like Boddingtons/John Smiths etc, and would never sully my lips or bowels with Lager! Simply because it tastes betterso therefore much more Macho than a crap tasting Lager!! andabsolutly nothing to do with the Ale being stronger in alcoholic content (generally!) so the question to the floor is two fold, what is your preferred Real Ale of choice and are you a more macho and manly for drinking it? Obviously post with reasons for choice (though the regulars will need no encouragement there)

    For me I like a slightly chilled bottle of Bishops Finger or Hobgoblin, or when inebriation is required, Bombardier as it normally blows my head off!!

    Braced an ready for incoming.
  2. The advantage of girly lager, over real ale is you're almost guaranteed to like it.

    I went to a "real ale" festival a few weeks back, a few of the ales with their traditional real ale names such as "witches minge" or "crap double entendre" tasted ******* awful.

    Lager may be pisswater, but you're at least not going to regret buying it.
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  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I had a few bottles of the stuff from this place last week, and very nice it was too:

    It has the requisite double-entendre names, in spades, but it's actually pretty nice beer.

    When back in the smoke, Youngs or Fullers is usually obtainable, and generally pretty OK, as long as it's kept well.
  4. The other downside of being a "real ale" drinker is that you have to join CAMRA. That's not an issue, except to join CAMRA you have to have:

    A beard
    A pipe
    A hemp jumper
    An aversion to talking to females (talking about them as though you have actual carnal knowledge of one is mandatory however)
    An annual subscription to "time team" magazine
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  5. Just had a few pints of "Gravitas". A very pale hoppy 4.8% real ale from Buckinghamshire. Beats all your lagers anyday.
  6. Does it matter? All beers are just there as a warm up before you get stuck into the proper real-man's drink - Scotch.
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  7. Sorry, that's a bad thing, because?
  8. Thats because most lager does,nt really taste of anything, with a few exceptions, e.g wife beater.
    What you need to do is develop a taste for anything that contains lots of chillies [vindaloo is good] then when you,ve exterminated most of your taste buds, only the really strong tasting things can be ascertained such as real ale, sprouts, malt whisky, unwashed clunge etc.
  9. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Must admit I am partial to the odd pint of Ringwood.
  10. Are you a fully fleged alcoholic yet?
  11. Fixed that for you. No, no need for thanks.
  12. I can recommend the Norton Startler, which will turn your six pack into a Watney's Party Seven in the blink of an eye. It tastes of bearskins and will have you jingling with the morris men from Birdcage Walk in minutes.
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  13. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I take it you have been on the lash with Jarrod then!
  14. Yes . I have been known to slip down several of those,merely as an aperitif you understand.
  15. love hoppy IPA's

    Caledonian Deuchars, Harviston Bitter and Twisted, Allgates Old Pretender ect...........

    nothing better in a beer garden on a hot day.