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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by AWOL_and_loving_it!, Jul 29, 2007.

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  1. Hi everybody, I have a little problem. I have been AWOL since 2003 but I am ready to come back. I need to know what my chances of being able to soldier on are. If I have to do a bit of time in Coley then I will do.
    Thanks in advance people!
  2. With any luck they will charge you with desertion and shoot you.
  3. Why, what happened in 2003 that made you decide to go AWOL... BTW, I wouldn't be surprised if there were a few of your friends who weren't with us anymore.

  4. I just wanted to have my freedom but I've got that out my system now and want to make ammends. I'm now ready to commit.
  5. And why would they want to serve with you anyways ,you ********.
  6. With a name like AWOL and loving it you have got no chance.
    Why did you go AWOL and what arm were you?
    By the way Coley is a cheap white fish.
  7. I was an RLC chef but got bored with it, but now I'm skint and need to come back. My girlfriend has a good payed job and helps me out but I want to earn my own money and the army pay is not bad, I havent been payed for a long time though!
  8. You're a trolling tw@t, tis obvious and not worth replying t........
  9. Ditto

    Obviously with your ARRSE username and location block you havent grown up enough to come back and obviously find it a bit of a joke.

  10. If you have nothing constructive to say devilish then kindly leave this forum with your aggression. You're not helping anyone so drop the attitude!
  11. Really? Then why come onto a site were you will be abused for going AWOL to get an answer that is blatantly obvious?

    Phone a local Army Careers office, hand yourself in and see how it rolls?

    Not difficult to work out now is it?

    Personally, I'd fcukin' slot you for being a cunt...
  12. No you leave you trolling cnut.
  13. I came here to get a bit of advice, hoping someone could offer something constructive to say but obviously I was wrong. I said I was trying to put things right and come back, I'm prepared to do my time in colchester so I dont see what the attitude is for, its not as if anyone here was paying me out of there pocket.
  14. i reckon u have 2hopes slim and none....bearing in mind slims just pissed off
  15. You deserted. Why should we give you any respect. Hand yourself in, do your time and then we might have time for you.

    ...but only might.