Got finished early today so came hom,cracked open a cold one & settled down in front of the 'ol TV for a while.So I turned onto Ready,Steady Cook with everyone's favorite Chef Ainsly 'never confused' Harriot.
The guest's today was Brig Alex Birtwistle & his Lady wife.
Anyway,the chat got onto Army scoff & the Brig talked about Rat Packs & his favorite item,Babies Heads. :lol:
Cue Harriot to look shocked & try & cover over the un-pc remark. 8O
If I went on that show,I'd take a Ration Pack & a baseball bat!(for Ainsly!!!)
I'd love to see just what they can come up with then.....

PS,just thought I'd put it in the arrse hole,save the MOD's the trouble :p

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