Ready...I think

Just back from AFCO.

I've got my regimental number. I know what platoon I'm in. Joining instructions, train tickets, kit list. And an arrsehole tighter than a gnats japs eye.

I leave for catterick in 13 days. Mega!
Good for you Benny. Welcome - you'll remember Catterick your whole life, make sure you enjoy it.
well done mate. im jealous as ****. i'm waitin for adsc dates
wish i was in your situation. i handed in my medical forms today to the doctor. some may slate me for this but i am hoping there is no selection dates for me till early next year so i can get a good 2 more months training under my belt so i can go there feeling confident of passing all selection tests!!! i never want to be a failurer and i do not wanna fail on getting in my dream job!
Well done and good luck, i shall be joining you in catterick in January time if i pass my selection on thursday :)

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