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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Cpt_Darling, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. Posted this in the TA forum, but I thought it would be good to get a Reg perspective too.

    I have been asked if I want to volunteer for Telic.

    Now while going on tour was the main reason for me joining, I have never been shown basic fire and manouvere or any sort of section/fireteam drills.Or had any time on blank firing ex's.

    So my question is,am I ready?Will a regular unit appreciate me coming on with that sort of experience?

    My basic weapon handling drills are good, and I am fit enough for the regular CFTs etc.

    Any input will be appreciated.
  2. What's your trade?

    T C
  3. Sounds like a wah, but Ill bite.

    What unit are you with?

    Have you even done any basic training?

    In short, no, you arent ready, and no, they wouldnt appreciate you turning up with that level of skills. It isnt their job to teach you that sht, you should know it already before you're posted to them. I doubt you'd have all the right boxes ticked to qualify for the posting anyway.

    Once again, sounds like a wah, but Im bored.
  4. I'm afraid its not a WAH lads.

    Now you ARE going to laugh now though!

    I'm RAuxAF Regiment.I've been in a little under a year, did the 2week basic and the continuous training weekends.There was one weekend covering F+M and the like, but I missed it (the only one I have missed).

    They have asked me if I want to volunteer for call up, but without these basic drills I don't think I should.

    The reason I post here and not e-goat is this is much busier.
  5. Well, we slag off the RAF a lot over here but... I doubt they'd take you if they were not 100% of your skills. Likewise, if you volunteer tonight it's not like you'll be flying off next week. There will be a period of pre-deployment training that will cover the F+M and then some.

    There's a few of you Oggie Rock apes floating around this forum so one of them should be along soon to help you further.

    T C
  6. Do the RAF have a version of Chilwell where you get pre-deployment training?
  7. You do get attached to the Sqn a few months before they deploy and do all their pre-deployment training with them.I just wondered how the Sqn would feel about me arriving without knowing this basic stuff.
  8. Well as a patrol banana, if you rocked up in my patrol and didn't know jack sh*t i'd be pretty pissed off! Not with you directly but with the unit that sent you over to us! IMHO you shouldn't be asked if you want to deploy on op's if you aren't ready to go. Every unit does pre deployment training, however this is to build upon the existing skills we have and get us ready for a specific operational theatre, not to teach us stuff we should have been taught at depot!
    If you want volunteer to go, just make sure your up to scratch beforehand, and don't leave the responsibility to the unit your being attatched to!
  9. WTF were you doing on your 2 weeks and weekends?

    Are you a real captain? If so was it two weeks of cream cakes and tea?
  10. This is a WAH, I don't know about RAFaux but in the TA he would have covered F&M, patroling, target indication etc. several times by now, we spent a huge chunk of the 2 weeks basic doing F&M, I think we covered it more times than any other subject.
  11. I'm sorry guys but this really isn't a WAH!

    slimjim, I'm not actually a real captain :D

    The 2weeks basic we covered drill, basic weapon handling and a basic range package, first aid, NBC, CCS and general knowledge.

    We spent one night out in the field, and we did a basic patrol, but it was along the lines of "first guy look left, second guy look right" and we were off.That has been it.

    There have been 10 continuation weekends doing CCS, First Aid, fitness tests and ROFA and further range packages.There have been a further 2 nights in the field but no F+M was covered.As I say there was a weekend dedicated to this but I missed it.Being the only weekend I have missed.
  12. If you were that might have explained why 8)

    That sounds like you do things totally different to the TA, one night in the field, pretty crap really!
  13. Blimey, sounds sh!te

    Will you be doing some sort of trade, or will it be in an infantry role with the short range desert group (raf reg) ?
  14. Based on your stated experience (in terms of how many weekends etc you have done) and assuming that the RAuxAF Regt run a similar basic training regime to the TA Inf (i.e. Ph1 & 2 and CIC(TA)), it doesn't sound as if you have completed all of your basic training and are thus not a trained soldier/airman. this being the case you should not be eligible for mobilisation. If you're not sure speak to your Pl/Flt Comd and ask.

    Bottom line is that if you are eligible for mobilisation you will have completed the level of training required (normally basic training and MATTs or the RAF equivelent), so that when you are embedded in the deploying unit for pre-deployment training you are able to reach the correct standard for deployment with the remaining regular soldiers/airmen.

    Having said that I am aware that the RAF run things slightly differently, for instance, I was supprised when on OP TELIC a couple of years ago I discovered that a good proportion of the RAF personnel at the APOD had not only deployed without weapons, but were also not qualified to handle them even if they had been issued. So with this in mind, your level of baseline training may dictate which post you are mobilised to fill (i.e. you may be put into a job where you don't need to know how to handle a weapon, let alone fire and manouevre).
  15. My Sqn is for reinforcement of regular RAF Regt Sqns.So it would be the SRDG for me on Ops.