Ready for a trip down south??

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Line_Grunt, Mar 30, 2004.

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    UK complaint on Falklands breach

    Argentina still disputes sovereignty over the Falkland Islands
    Britain has made a formal complaint to Argentina over the activity of one of its naval vessels in waters off the Falkland Islands.
    The Argentine ice breaker, the Admiral Irizar, entered Falklands waters in contravention of local shipping rules.

    Two weeks ago it challenged trawlers to identify themselves and provide proof of their fishing permits.

    Foreign Office minister Bill Rammell has met with Argentina's ambassador to London to make a formal protest.

    In a written statement to the Commons Mr Rammell said the Admiral Irizar had entered the Falklands' outer conservation zone and interim conservation zone on 15 and 16 March.

    Sovereignty dispute

    "While transit of the conservation zones is permissible, the policing of the zones by a foreign vessel contravenes the Falklands Islands exclusive jurisdiction," he said.

    The British have exclusive rights over the waters around the Falklands but Argentina still claims sovereignty over the South Atlantic archipelago.

    It calls the islands the Malvinas and does not recognise the zone as British.

    A spokesman for Argentina's Foreign Ministry told the BBC the government in Buenos Aires had nothing to say on the matter.

    But BBC South America correspondent Elliott Gotkine said the government let it be known through the Argentine media that the Admiral Irizar was carrying out what it described as security operations and controls of illegal fishing.

    Flights row

    The British Government said Buenos Aires had failed to provide a satisfactory explanation.

    Mr Rammell met with Ambassador Federico Mirre last Thursday to make a formal protest and to ensure the incident would not be repeated.

    "This note also reiterated that the British Government has no doubts about UK sovereignty over the Falkland Islands," Mr Rammell added.

    Mr Rammell said he had spoken to Falkland Islands councillors about the incident and assured them of "our continued firm support".

    This row comes a little over a month after Mr Rammell's visit to Buenos Aires which was designed to persuade Argentina to overturn a decision preventing charter flights from using its air space on the way to the Falklands.

    People familiar with the situation suggested the two sides were close to an agreement, but this latest incident could complicate matters, said Elliott Gotkine.
  2. Matter of interest with regard to this story....

    What manning levels / armed presence are we maintaining around that neck of the woods these days ?

    Enough to halt another Argy Bargy pop I trust ???? 8O
  3. I don't think we have a lot down there - the reason we built the huge airfield was so that in times of crisis we could fly reinforcements down quickly. With AEW assets, BVR fighters, anti-ship/ground attack tactical airpower and lots of dug in infantry we could decisively repulse an attempted landing.

    Of course this assumes that:

    1) They do something to give their plans away
    2) We spot it
    3) We have the aircraft and troops spare to send them down asap

  4. be nice to take the Argies down a peg or two again :D especiallyafter the football !
  5. With the current undermanning / overstretching..... err we seem pretty buggered to be frank.

    Oh well I'm sure Bliar and his cohorts will have some spin infested sexed up contingency plan!?
  6. didnt think the argies could afford any fuel for their ships yet alone bullets or has their econmy recovered or is an imf loan going to pay for another war?
  7. The Argies do this every few years just to keep Les Malvinas on the discussion board with the British Government.

    What really surprises me is the TB is/will/already has sold us out to Europe, why the hell hasn't he done so for the Falklands? :?

    Still there's plenty of time yet! :roll:
  8. Argentina is skint, can't even afford the tins to put the corned beef into.

    Government trying to stir up some nationalistic pride by sabre rattling about Les Malvinas ? Might keep the populations minds off their hunger for five minutes.
  9. has the armed wing of P and O got any of its black shiny things that lurk still working?
    settled things quite decisivly last time round
    or we could get crab air give them a Flybye just for old times sake
  10. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I'm pretty confident that a big black underwater boat will be conducting some patrols in the neighbourhood sometime in the next few weeks.... Or might it be the Norweigans! :?
  11. why not torpeado another one of those Argie boats just to shake them up a bit :D
    when Belgrano was sunk , all the Argie navy stayed in their ports afterwards :lol:
  12. i bet the people on the Falkland Island are glad they are not sharing the fates of the Argie people
  13. They probably don't understand it all, what with being inbred and all! :lol:
  14. Oh dear the "Bennys"... sorry "Stills" won't be happy with such slander.... oh well f*ck 'em! :twisted:
  15. you forgot "Andy's" as in andy is still a benny!! the old ones are the best :lol: