Reading light / bedroom lamp recommendations

My 'found by the bins' Ikea standard-style lamp has gone technical and u/s/VOR/NBG/ IFF/BER etc etc etc.
It no longer works, it has joined the lights invisible.

- another bog-standard standard from Ikea/Argos
- a 'serious reader light as advertised in the sundays halogen daylight £150' jobby
- ikea+daylight bulb (£5 assuming you can still get them)
- some kind of 'architects lamp'

I was tempted by screwfix COB, but they're like setting off a magnesium flare indoors.

Thinking of one for the bedroom, one for the living room.
Budget could stretch to £250-ish if justified.

Thoughts opinions & recommendations, if you would be so kind.
Sunlight alarm clock? Mine allegedly wakes me up gently with simulated sunrise (not so useful at the moment) and also provides a reading light with timer ie. you can set 15 minutes of reading time and it then shuts off.

My model has apparently been discontinued but there are similar on google.
Tolomeo Artemide. ish' 250 quid +/- a bit for a desk light/reading light.

Iconic design, I first pinged it on NCIS where they all have them on their desks on the set. I googled and was informed, it is one of those classic designs like an Eames, or Bauhaus chair.



We have a pair of the Serious Reader lamps by the bed (and a number of their floor lamps around the rest of the house), one for each of us, and I really like them. A decently focused beam that can be softened with the in built dimmer. Expensive for a light but they do the job very well.


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I got this from Lidl, it's really good. Sort of swanneck for the reading light, dimmable. The stand is lit for a night light, several different colours and brightness settings.