Reading habbits - page folder or bookmark?

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Cait, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. Just read the "Shithouse Reading" thread and got thinking about the quirks I have when reading a book, such as the prefered material when riding the porcelain charger....

    I read somewhere that you can tell alot about a persons character by these little quirks, I don't know what they mean or indeed if thats true but you can definatly categorise people into two distinct groups - those that page fold (me!) and those that use bookmarks!

    I'm a page folder overer and proud! :D It drives my other half mad, he's uses a book mark - (these people can be sub categorised into those who use proper "purchased" bookmarks and those who use whatever's to hand e.g. train ticket, photo, letter, scrap paper etc...) he's very regimented with his books, all sized off on the shelf, all dustcovers accounted for and all in ornamental condition.

    Me, I get to the end of whatever im reading and fold the page over, my books generally look dog eared and well read, i've lost countless books lending them out and not having them returned...on the other hand using the same method i've proffed some good un's to make up for it. But if i read i good book, i feel duty bound to pass it on.

    When I get a book the first thing i do is turn the pages to the photos, i'll then turn to the back page and have a sneaky read of the closing line.....
    I'm not sure what the categories say about you but i reckon you either fall into one or the other and I cant be alone in these little reading rituals?? Am I? 8O :D
  2. Why not put a survey in? it would really answer your main question then!
  3. Cow

    Cow LE

    Fold the corner. Always look at the pics or maps first.
  4. Piece of Andrex. Preferably unused.
  5. Folding the corner is one step short of blasphemy. If your going to spent good money on a book then you should look after it.

    A leather bookmark, preferbly blue or yellow should be used.
  6. Paper backs fold the page. Hard backs use the dust jacket
  7. Not quite sure but would hazard a guess that Cait isn't overly concerned about the actual outcome of a poll and shouldn't imagine she'll make an immediate move to parliament with the results....... but thanks.

    Me, I'm an annoying spine breaker, the sort of irritable git that leaves the book face down on two open pages.

    I used to try and remember the page number but time wasted on re-reading chapters soon turned me to page folder to spine breaker.

    Its not a cost effective move as I'm a bit of a Librarian with my books and like seeing them immaculate, so I end up having to buy two copies.
  8. Hardbacks: yup always the dust-cover.
    Paperbacks: usually the receipt for the book, failing that book upside down propped open at the appropriate page (sacrilege, I know).
  9. I never leave the dust jacket on a hardback because it gets in the way. As for keeping my page I usually put a receipt or other similar small bit of paper in it. Also always go to the maps or pictures but never read the end. Often have a couple or three books on the go at once too. One maybe fiction, one non-fiction and a bit heavier going and one puerile for when I can't be arsed.
  10. If reading a hardback, I leave the dust jacket on and use one of the folds as my book mark.

    With paperbacks, I never fold pages and use whatever comes to hand as a book mark, although (in an younger more artistic phase) I did cut out some photos of the more attractive young ladies from a copy of Mayfair or some such to use as bookmarks and brighten up my reading time! I still find them every so often in some REALLY random books!
  11. Old bus or rail tickets, receipts, night club flyers, etc for paperbacks - currently using a Banja Luka bus ticket.

    Dust jacket on hardback books.
  12. In my world there are two kinds of books. Hardback classics, older than my granny, that I search for in antiquarian booksellers, and pulp fiction that I pick up at the airport/motorway services etc.
    The former get pampered, read carefully and live in bookcases with their attendant bookmarks.
    The latter have their pages folded, get thrown around and generally abused, before ending up dumped in a bin bag outside a local charity shop for resale.
    Not all books are created equal.
  13. Now you're part of a splinter group, extremist far more reckless than a page folder overer, i bet you even scan the pages prior to puchasing for naughty words?

    Are you then the sort of person who licks his finger to turn a page :D there an etquette on that??

    Some are more equal than others?

    Does anyone else highlight quotes, lines or paragraphs in that make them laugh/cry/think/shi.t ? I'll either put a smaller fold in the page or pencil round it........Im not sure i've ever gone back through and re read them but i still do it!
  14. Does anyone else highlight quotes, lines or paragraphs in that make them laugh/cry/think/shi.t ? I'll either put a smaller fold in the page or pencil round it........Im not sure i've ever gone back through and re read them but i still do it![/quote]

    I make a note in pencil of the date and month that i read the book (i.e. 11/07) on the top right hand corner of the first page and then add the dates of any subsequent rereads.
  15. Ooooooh get you


    You big librarian, what you going to do confiscate my WHSmith discount card? :D