Reading Festival

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Nightrained, Aug 17, 2008.

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  1. Anyone going this year? Or indeed any other festivals?

  2. Yup, heading down there Thursday. Went last year for the first time, loved it and so thought I'd give it another go!
  3. yeah, also going thursday.
    am still wondering wether to go "kitted up" all mod cons and that, or just bare minimum and scruff it for 3 days?
  4. Last time I went to the Reading Festival the Stone Roses split up, Supergrass hijacked the firework display and Julian Cope eschewed the delights of the Reading Travelodge for the back seat of his Renault 5. I put out more fires in 24 hours than I ever have done before or since!

    No plans to hurry back!
  5. My first time. I'll pack bare minimum - travel light, move fast and all!

    The problem with this year, is that there is a lot to see at the same time. Have to make some crutial decisions.

    Think I'm off to the yellow camp. Anyone got their tickets yet? I've not recieved mine - mind you I bought them off ebay - starting to panic.
  6. bought mine ages ago but still havnt turned up.
    They only get sent out the week before apparently, so if 2nd hand or off e bay, i imagine they might be a couple of days later than the rest.
    packing light sounds good.

    Anything particular you want to see?
  7. No, I'm not going. Reading is shite, the groups are shite, their music is generally really shite and what's even more shite is watching people make utter cnuts of themselves when they'd rather be at home.
  8. i think im in the camp furthest away from the stages..... not as many choppers trampling through my shit hopefully.

    and as for crucial choices...... Mettalica or the Cribs....... im tearing my hair out.... and i dont have much left as it is.....
  9. Reading is a damn fun way to spend late summer. Last year highlights included road rugby, massed congas, gazebo hunting (as in steal then set said gazebo on fire), emo hunting (some poor innocent child got tied to a tree with black nasty), apple golf (god knows where we got a golf club from) and watching mini-riots as festival stewards put out the massed bonfires on the last night. Needless to say in the more criminal of these pursuits I was only a spectator...

    1) Pack light and turn up early (wednesday is best, but only if you have early entry).

    2) Get mashed. Eat. Watch band. Get mashed. Eat. etc etc...

    3) Accept all free hugs. Apart from those being given by fat mingers.

    4) Enjoy yourself

    If you've got any other questions just PM me.
  10. On a perfect weekend I'd like to see...


    Rage against the machine
    Queens of the Stone age
    The Fratellis

    One Night Only


    The Killers
    The Raconteurs


    Slipknot (only for a few songs)
    Tenacious D


    All other times should be filled with booze and carnage.
  11. We say that about every Op and Exercise, but we still go on them, don't we? :wink:

  12. ?
  13. i am a mong!

    "one night only" ????????????????????
  14. The band, NME/Radio 1 stage on the Friday. :wink:
  15. i suppose........ theres not much else on at the same time,
    not my cup of tea though.
    got to be better than "serje tankin"??????