Reading, download festivals!

I might be doing the Exit Fest in Serbia - it just depends on how things pan out there.

Good line up so far - including the Sex Pistols!
Exit fest lineup is looking good! Trying to get a squaddy meet at 1 of the fests, not sure how that would pan out, a bunch of drunken squaddies surrounded by thousands of drunken civvies!!!!!!
Ill probly give download a miss this year, been going the past 3 years and the lineup has slowly got worse, may take a peek at reading/ glasto
Solfest, Hawkfest in Devon, possibly the Wickerman,though its been going downhill the last couple of years,and Farmer Phils in late August.

Also The NABD rally in May,25 bands on over 3 stages,25 beers and ciders on draught,and its all for a good cause;
The Cropredy line-up isn't much to my liking this year, so I'll probably compensate with Guilfest and the Cambridge Folk Festival.
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