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Reading between the lines in Confidential Reports - Quotes

"This man works well under close supervision", "I would not trust this man to sit the right way round on a lavatory seat", etc.

I heard that someone, possibly from the Navy, had published a collection of amusing quotes from CRs and have searched without success. Does anyone know if it exists and where it might be found (Or has this already been covered on Arrse)?

If it hasn't been covered, there must be some prize examples that Arrsers could put forward.
I'll misquote it, but a well known Naval one went along the lines of:

"This officer has used my ship primarily to transport his loins around the globe."


Book Reviewer
I once got "To say B&T has had a succesful reporting period would be untrue" Which I thought was slightly harsh, she was over 18 and the first Mrs B&T was in the uk.
Many thanks Matelot and Sanchauk. The order has gone in.

Keep them coming though. I was once told that I was in "neither the fast nor the slow stream", so assumed I was in the stagnant pool.
There is also a book that is sold in the Fleet Air Arm Museum at RNAS Yeovilton that is definitely worth purchasing but I cannot find it online at all.

It's the RAF Book of Humour/Jokes (can't remember the title) and between the smart front and back cover are 200 odd pages.

That are completely blank.

Sums up the RAF quite well I think! :D

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