Reading 6 West Ham0

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Jan 2, 2007.

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  1. Being from Reading a great result in my eyes,but wtf is going on at West Ham? Sad to see a historic club hit the self destruct button, the players should be ashamed ofthemselves, they need some Bobby Moore/Julian Dicks style pride and passion injected quick time, I hope they dont go down but its not looking good.
  2. Reading are awesome!! one of my favourite teams in the premiership, west ham need a big fcuking boot up their arrse, i reckon Curbishly might be able to sort it out
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The hammers did this last time they dropped from the Premiership, 6-0 to MUFC and 5-0 to the gooners. Not looking good. Lawrenson was dead on about the state of their defence!
  4. Time to play the juniors en masse ?.

    If they're gonna lose big-time they may as well be learning, unlike the current crop (mainly the defenders).
  5. Time for wholesale sackings and bring in new blood with Magnusons millions

    Who should go?


    Still have my doubts about Reo-Coker as well.
  6. I wouldn't normally suggest this, and I would hate for my own club to go down this path .... but West Ham are really in the poo and need something drastic.

    It's 'animal' time, and you need Robbie Savage (thug of any Parish), and Neil Lennon - who is currently trying to get sold by Celtic in an attempt, methinks, to rejoin Martin O'Neill.

    In recent weeks Lennon has got sent off in really silly circumstances, and taken to arguing with his team mates. Oh, and thumping them.

    Put those two in the middle of the dressing room and they'll fan some life into the dying embers.
  7. Things you thought you would never see, number 248:

    Bobby Moore & Julian Dicks used as an analogy in the same sentence 8O

    Sorry :oops:

    The problem is (IMHO) some of these players excelled last season, allowed themselves to become Billy Big Timers on the back of the plaudits and need a F*cking rocket up their arses.

    Now to many of them have well paid long term contracts and prefer to be ‘big fish’ in a little pond (absolutely no disrespect to West ham intended).
  8. I still believe Curbs is the man to keep them up. He said yesterday that a lot of his players need to be in the top division for at least five years before they could be considered genuine Premiership players, and I bet it brings them down to earth with a bump, followed by a couple of well earned results.

    In this game if a club is not one of the so called 'Big Four' (Whatever the f*** that's supposed to mean) they have to face the fact that they will, on many occasions, have to grind out ugly points to stay in the big time.
  9. Gutted :( :( :( Dont know quite what to say! Its makes me sad to say it but i was embrarrased. The shower of shite need to grow a pair and start to play like men. Build the team from the back in the transfer window we have 2 good keepers and konch and anton are ok. Move the rest of the shower on jonathon spector is dog toffee, And its very poor when our only shining star is a 40 something ex Yid!!!!!

    I do believe that Curbs is the man for the job.
  10. I know how much the Hammers hate him, but they need a Paul Ince-style 'Guvna' to shake them up and give them a bit of pride and bite
  11. Some nice sentiments from non WHU supporters on here.

    We were too good to go down 3 years ago though we did but not without a fight.

    The Dean Ashton scenario is crap. Harewood has 1 league goal and he's our main striker. When we beat Arsenal (Nov 5th) we should have played the two Argies every game for 90 minutes and built out team around Tevez until Ashton came back.

    The Daily Mail reported today on the failings and poor attitudes of the 'stars' at West Ham. Curbishley calls them the Bentley Baby's based on the cars in the training ground car park. He's right.

    If Curbs is wise in the window we might be OK but if things don't change we're going down.

    4-0 at half time v Reading. Any player proud of their club would have either kept it at 4-0 or got a couple back to salvage some pride. Little fcukers most of them. Check out YouTube and search 'Reo-Coker's dance with Anton' video clip. That sums our players up.
  12. West Ham 3 v Brighton & HA 0. This goal machine result uses up our precious goal reserves for the next 10 games so according to my special calendar we are due to score next in a 1-0 win at Arsenal in April.
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Bankrupt and HIV albion dont count as a real game!
  14. ...and if they'd beaten us (which was just as likely) you could have said the same about us! :D
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Not much chance of that, my granny plays better football!