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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Gunny Highway, Oct 10, 2003.

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  1. A question...ladies, do your hubbies and boyfriends get together to drink lager, sit around in their vest and undies, fart, bletch, scratch their bolllocks and discuss sex lives while you are away or is this just a huge cliche?
  2. When they get together, is there one of them that cannot be trusted and tells his mates about the threesome you had with the CQMS and the Master Chef. Does he always pull out the 'family album'? or is it a cse that he brings back Nobby from the stores one night and gets you to sit on Nobbies knee, whilst he leaves the room on numerous occasions throughout the course of the night. Does he frequenty hint at 'swinging' parties? Do you have a story to tell?
  3. 'Head in the clouds' comes to mind. Yawn. It's a totally different life in the upper classes.
  4. What ho, old man, what ho!
  5. Oh, ya, totally agree with you old man. Fancy a spot of tea on the lawn, cucumber sandwiches and croquet?

    Seriously, I met quiet a few officers in the air corps who came from 'good stock'. Mannnnn, these blokes should have had an 'out-of-body-experience' and looked at themselves. 'Good stock'? Laughing stock more like. Biggest, pompous pricks I've ever met in my life. One was an old ‘Etonion’ whatever that meant (secret gay code for ‘back door person’ maybe?). Why is it, that when I see in the papers or on TV, Lord and Lady so-and-so or Prince and Princess whoshumcallit, they are so UGLY ? Most, if not all of the royals are BOOTS ! I watched a documentary on the Borough of Chelsea on TV last month. Did God hit Chelsea with the ugly stick?

    Anywhoooo, old chap, going to take the range road in my 68 ton cabriolet…..hoo-haa (secret code for going to the newsagents in my Escort 1.6 cabriolet),
  6. It's Gods way of discouraging the act of getting your sister / mother pregnant. Unfortunatley most of these lot are so tight that they refuse to breed with anyone outside of their immediate relatives on the off chance that their unearned wealth may go outside the family. :twisted:
  7. Are they all from Nottingham then?