'Readers Digest' & Cold Calling Phone Calls...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by uncle_vanya, Aug 17, 2012.

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  1. Not sure if this was a genuine cold phone call from the "Readers Digest" magazine phoning up old customers to try and persuade them to take out a subsription to the magainze. I used to subscribe, but cancelled some years back.
    'Readers Digest' also had a nasty habit of sending out books etc that had not been ordered by customers, then demanding payments.

    A very sexy sounding Liverpudlian accented lady cold called me this morning just after 9 AM and asked me if I would like to take out a new subsription for the magazine. She told me that the magazine has been revamped, and a new Editor-in-Chief has been engaged, who used to work for the BBC 'Radio Times' magazine, to try and iron out all those difficulties of the past!!

    She also said that the 'Readers Digest' has been relocated 'back in the UK'. Well they do have accomodation address in the Isle of Man, and a depot somewhere in England. I'm just wondering if this is all genuine, or a scam to try and get folks to part with Bank or Credit card details to 'buy' a subscription to the magazine.

    There have been numerous complains around the "Readers Digest" in various English speaking countries for years, along with bogus and scam competitions etc. Has anyone received a a phone call out of the blue who used to subscribe to the "Readers Digest?"
  2. She was a Scouser you say? Obviously a scam.
  3. IIRC they stopped the trick of sending stuff you hadn't asked for when the courts decided you were entitled to keep it without paying :)
  4. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    About 20 years ago I couldn't get out of the loop of them sending me a free condensed book omnibus and by not returning it (it cost a fair bit in postage), I implicitly agreed to rejoin and pay for more.

    I wrote them a letter. It contained words to the effect:

    I do not want these books any more. This is my final word on that matter. If in future I receive one of your "free" books, my response given here will apply: I do not want to pay for any more. However I shall accept the free book with grace. Thank you. I shall consider that matter closed. I shall then assume that any further books you send are free. Any correspondence received by me in respect of payment for any book you send me, I shall assume to be automatically-generated by computer in error and I shall ignore it. On no account shall I pay postage to return any book to you.

    Needless to say books continued to turn up. I accepted the "free" one, then the second one came, with an invoice. I ignored it and ignored it right up until the red letter. Then I sent them a new letter and attached to it a copy of the old one and told them where to stick it. They sent me an apologetic letter and asked if they could have the latest book back. I told them they had my address. Send somebody round to collect it and they were welcome.

    Zero Alpha was having kittens that there'd be bailiffs at the door, but ultimately, since then, Reader's Digest have never bothered me.
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  5. HHH

    HHH LE

  6. I've just had a "cold call".

    Brrring Brrring:

    Me: Hello

    Random bloke: Can I speak to Mrs Slug please?

    Me: Who's calling please?

    RB: It's Mark from NPower (yeah right, with that accent).

    Me: She's not here at the moment. Call back tomorrow.

    Job done.
  7. Having heard the call on You Tube I do this.
    I ask them what relaitionship they have to the deceased, I then tell them that the person they asked for (the deceased) has been involved in gay slaying and that that my sergeant is on his way to interview them. At this point the line usually goes dead, like the deceased.
  8. I get loads (due to our no. being listed as business) I quite enjoy playing with them when I'm in the mood.

    Anything involving financial services is good, get keen, ask loads of questions, always go for the "for just £x extra you can also get..." option.
    Just when Mr or Ms Work4commission is thinking about taking the rest of the day off, ask them if it matters that you're undischarged bankrupt.

    You can actually hear a heart break over the phone.
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  9. I've just been talking to Trans, and we've come up with some gleamers.

    "I'm in hospital with terminal cancer"

    "Woof woof woof"

    Someone on Farcebook came up with "I'm just off to my brother's funeral, will this take long?".

    I can't wait for the next call.
  10. BOLLOCKS, there is no such thing!
  11. If you get the "I'm remotely monitoring your computer and you have a virus" ones, they can be entertained by playing along for a while and then revealing in a roundabout way that you run FreeBSD on SPARC (it doesn't really matter whether you do or not).

    They'll either hang up or get amusingly confused.
  12. Also amusing, although you need a speaker phone or a phone right beside your PC are some of these little widgets.

  13. Punch yourself in the throat please, repeatedly, until it swells like a watermelon.
  14. :)
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  15. This TPS only works for companies that are based in UK. Most of them are now overseas. I seem to get loads of the bloody things. Sometimes I like to play with them if I'm bored. I kept one of them on the phone for half an hour once.

    My latest trick is to put on my best, poshest English accent and say "I'm sorry, I don't speak English". When they say something else (which they always do) I continue with "That's all very interesting, but I did tell you that I don't speak English."

    OK, it's pretty pathetic, but it amuses me.