Read this if you can you unemployable shower you!

He missed out the bit about homosexuals.

Or did he infer it when talking about public schools?
If he doesn't like our country and all it stands for, why doesn't he fcuk off back to his own country.

One question has been uppermost in my mind today: how did Britain ever manage to rule the world?

Because we took no $hit from towel wearing gobshites!! :twisted:


Hmmmm - well, although he has some points, he comes across as an opinionated arrse in my eyes.
Did anyone else detect a touch of:

"Boo Hoo Hoo, the racist British infidel sons of camels, wouldn't let me run their civil service, Boo Hoo Hoo! An Ex squaddie got the job Boo Hoo Hoo! I must be better qualified than him after all that time in the camps in Pakistan Boo Hoo Hoo! My loyalties are unimpeachable, I have none, Boo Hoo Hoo!"


"The reason for this imbalance is quite simple: the foreigners are better educated, more motivated and harder working than the native Britons. So, in a straightforward, free and fair competition for jobs in conditions of real equal opportunities, the natives would stand little chance of success.
Therefore, the only way the native Britons can remain in control is through bypassing free and fair competition and discriminating positively in favour of ethnic Britons with a particular educational background (public schools, Oxford and Cambridge Universities) and/or connections to the armed forces, the police or the security services, irrespective of ability."

Where i work the only foreign staff we have are the Cleaners and i work for the 2nd largest architects in the UK which employs 18000+. We also have offices in Dubai who worked and designed the Dubai World Trade Centre and i seem to remember that 99% of the foreign workers were Labourers. The only foreign working people i have met recently either work in McDonalds, my local and sell the Big issue.
Poor deluded Arabs they cant be that well educated they bought Man City for fooks sake.
The value of an old school tie? I went to a rather expensive Scottish public school. I never push it, but the best it ever gets is a nod of recognition from Jocks. As for the hermer aspect, it's a qualification necessary for becoming an Arab, along with paedophillia.
Mr D.....might I suggest "My Name Is Red" by Orhan Pamuk ( a Turk, and a Nobel prize winner) to get a perspective that Muslims do actually have a culture. The other ones do, too. Try Kabbalah. Having said that I'm quite happy to watch them tearing each other to pieces.


Mr_Deputy said:
Why is the state of the UK the fault of Israel? Wars - ok yes. Society - nope I can't see it. Besides - do the Arabs think they make a better contribution?

This ******** can write or say what he wants, I mean who the f*ck takes any notice of what an arab thinks.


In the About section of the author;
"I, for one, always look in the mirror and am eventually grateful, if initially hurt, when others point out some painful truths."
Help him out!


Is there any way we can put this poor deluded sap right. I know some blogs allow you to comment on them or send e-mails to the writer.

He is clearly upset by his own mediocrity, an affliction I have long since got over....................
Mr D, I wasn't aiming at lowering you! You're right, the food is top hole, some of the people, despite what the majority might think, are nothing short of kindness personified.

As for Orhan, yes, a poor little rich boy who has led a relatively sheltered life, but that book I mentioned is worthy. Very, very worthy. Strangely it came out exactly on 11/9


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You would be upset if you thought you had bought Man Utd and then realised there are 2 teams in Manchester. MMM and the richest Arab in the world was really intelligent thinking City would win the League.


Book Reviewer
He's got a point or two though, hasn't he, if we're really honest? Mediocrity doing better than it's supposed to? I give you Gazza, or Amy Winehouse, or Gordon Brown (see how I spelled that?).

Many foreigners ARE better educated than indigenous citizens - that's a fact. Many foreigners have a better work ethic - that's also a fact. Go past a lot of corner shops these days, and they are open 7 days per week until 10pm at night.

One has to be even handed of course - we DO have some of the best engineers and architects the world over, we do have some of the finest minds in the world, theoretical physicists, and if you go back to many of the countries from which these hard working and well educated foreigners come from, the MAJORITY live in abject poverty, with little or no means of social advancement.

Go to ANY Arab country and you will find ignorance amongst the majority on a level only found in the worst sink estates in the UK. You will find a huge disparity between the wealthy elite and the poorest.

Of course, I'm not saying this guy is an Arab, he's merely a Muslim, and he's got some points, but they are not fair comparative judgements. If the UK was such an awful place, why do people from around the globe seek to come here en mass to benefit from our freedoms and opportunity?


cernunnos said:
Did anyone else detect a touch of:

"Boo Hoo Hoo, the racist British infidel sons of camels, wouldn't let me run their civil service, Boo Hoo Hoo! An Ex squaddie got the job Boo Hoo Hoo! I must be better qualified than him after all that time in the camps in Pakistan Boo Hoo Hoo! My loyalties are unimpeachable, I have none, Boo Hoo Hoo!"

That's exactly how it read to me.


What's the big problem?

He makes some very relevant points, especially regarding mediocracy.

If we could all stop thinking "how dare he!" and "send him packing!", we may be able to read between the lines.

Half the posts on this site are complaining about the way this country is run. Thats ok just so long as some jonny foreigner doesn't dare have a pop.


Old school tie and Arabs?

I understand that alot of the regular army officers went to public school!!

Sorry, wrong ARAB; joking aside don't the ruling houses of many arab countries send the sprogs to UK and US public schools? Thereby making them part of the old school tie brigade???

Go to Saudi as a non citizen and see exactly how equal you are treated compared to a Saudi.

We really should stop being so kind to non UK citizens in this country!!

We ruled a lot of the world by kicking in doors and ignoring human rights!!