READ THIS! CGS Briefing Team Report Spring 2005

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Proximo, Jul 15, 2005.

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  1. I am putting this in here as I believe it contains something for everyone. This season, the Team did not focus on the Reserve, as they will rightly be the focus of the next report. If nothing else, this will raise awareness of the existence of the CGS' Briefing Team and its role, which is taking your views heard to the very top.

    For ease of use, I have placed the various comments from Commands in using different colours. HQ LAND is in blue, HQ AG is in red, and CGS is in tradtional green. Where relevant, I have used brown for comments from other TLBs (CGS and DPR most notably). If it is distracting, please let me know and I will strip them out, but bear in kind they place the central issue in context, and actually seek to provide more direction and clarity - without them, you may find your understanding of the rationale behind the answers is blunted unnecessarily.

    I do have the other components of the report, notably the amusing 'Quotes' section - if you want me to post it, please holler. I'm not doing it straight out of the box as I believe it will take focus away from this report.

    Finally - I apologise for the length of the report as it is reproduced here - but it is a very worthwhile read!!

    Enjoy - any questions, please ask.

  2. Darth, if the Summer Tour is to focus on the TA, how do the TA get involved?
  3. I dunno - I just work 'ere guv.... :D

    I'll find out and get back to you!
  4. Good question..they must be rocking up at weekends and drill nights. The other option is to do as it says at the bottom of the report - post it on Armynet. Looks like the lads are already filling their boots and posting stuff on there (Feedback to the Army Board section). The only downside is that by posting an issue you won't necessarily get a reply. I can see where they are coming from on this one as it will water down the report. Progress at least.
  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Visiting the TA? It does say how they intend to do that -

    "Presentations will also be given to, amongst others, the Senior Officers’ Course, the AGM of the Lords Lieutenant, the COs’ Designate Course, 2 RSMs’ conventions, ICSC(L) and all the LEOCs"

    Of these, I have no idea what the LEOC's is (If they mean LE OC's, there's certainly no such thing as a meeting for us - far too risky!)

    Missing from the list? Any bloody TA Soldiers or Units!

    Most COs and almost all RSMs are Regularl; and the Lord Lts and ICSC will either not know what is going on (the first bunch) or be afraid to say anything that will impede their rise to Lt Col (the second).

    I do, do hope that they actually arrange to visit some TA soldiery. Trouble is, it will mean them working at Weekends :)
  6. Maybe this is why they are keen that the boys use Armynet to post their views remotely - not ideal but hey it works on here - why not on there?!
  7. The 'LEOC' is the LE Commissioning Course at RMAS - soon to be run by a jolly good chum of mine.

    It seems that most of the TA capture will be done on operations (clearly lots there - but that's another story - look out in 2 months time), at annual camps and on dedicated TA courses at the various Schools and Centres.

    Not a perfect solution, but we need their input as well - they're just as much a part of our fighting capability after all! :D
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    We'd be glad to see them at Annual Camps, and whenever. My gripe is that there is no mention anywhere of meeting any TA Soldiers. They will have to come to Units to find out what people really think - meet them on their home turf, where they will frrl they can speak freely.
  9. Amazing that the points are raised "in the right way" to CGS and presented such that he can answer without commitment.

    To the conspiracy theorists out there, is it not strange that loss of Regiments and amalgamations is not even mentioned let alone a major issue to all - well the Infantry anyway?
  10. Perhaps it wasn't an issue? The Team go to great lengths to include anything of interest, even if that issue is only of interest to a 'sizeable minority'. Can you imagine what PoD would do to one of his staff officers who failed to brief him in a timely fashion about something! Stand by, stand by...

    I'm not saying that the amalgamations weren't emotive and distressing for some, merely that it didn't impact as widely as perhaps you may believe, and that the net effect on the Army and our capability (which is what the Report is really about after all) wasn't as great as some may think.

    I'm more than ready to be convinced otherwise! :D
  11. I strongly agree about getting the unfiltered views of TA soldiers.

    Re Lords Lieutenant, they have an influential role in the RFCAs and I am delighted if they are getting these briefings.

    Absolutely fascinating report, thanks to Darth. I would be very interested to see the Families annex.